Help confirm male or female

I just found a little pair of balls on a plant that I thought was female, can someone please confirm? I got a pretty picture of them. This is the only sign on the plant that it may be a male. If it is male another question, I have another plant about 8 feet away that is just showing signs of flowering, should I pull the male now ?

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I would say its a boy

Here is a better look. Should I pull it ? I don’t want to pollinate the other plant.

I would pull it and take far away and burn it a male can pollinate up to a mile away or so I’ve heard don’t wanna take any chances

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Yeah get it pulled at the first opportunity you can and dispose of at a different location :+1:

It’s looking male. I’d take that one back indoors for another few days, just to be sure. But it looks like your crop just got reduced by half.

Pat…serious heartfelt word of advice.



If one of those dingle berries pops…your fine Lady will become a seed factory.

To be safest, put a big trash bag over the “going to die male” and seal tight to bottom stalk. Then cut it out. Take bag far away and bury it.


This is why I suggest…planting more than you plan to harvest.
Not all seeds will grow fat n healthy. Not all will be females.
Especially if you are limited to very few plants…plant three end up keeping one.
Once they get to 8" they will start showing if healthy and sexing won’t be long after that.
I just had to kill a fine healthy boy…:scream:…tall healthy about 16" tall and dingle berries showing up.
Still gave it another week, just to be sure…but, it had to be done…Sniffle, Sniffle…:sob:. Hard to do after all that loving care…darn it.

Oh, I have two more Sativas, and two more Indicas in mid flower, safe in my grow tent . Plus I still have a very nice Indica still in the ground. I hope to harvest enough to give me time to regroup, and start new, with some nice seeds. I pulled the old boy without a second thought. I will protect my girl to the death !! For some reason the site is telling me that the pictures I am trying to upload are to big ??? I took them with my phones (Galaxy 5) camere , so I don’t get that.


So, I am left with an empty spot in the garden, but I feel like I got him out of there before he could cause any harm. Thanks to all, for your advice, as gory as some of it was !! : )

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I feel your pain. I had to chop down a 6’ pineapple haze plant a few weeks ago… damn balls.

Good work pat how long did you veg them for?

This is a good reason to buy feminized seeds or clones. If you clone one of your females to make a mother plant, you can clone it forever and never have to worry about males.

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I started that plant, along with five others, in a 3 x 3 tent. After about six weeks I moved two of them outside, and started to force flowering the other four in tent. I thought they were all females, he didn’t reveal his sex until yesterday. He did show signs that he was a girl, and then wham !!! Instant set of dingle balls.

@Pat2------AND the dingle balls will pop open and seed every Lady just as fast.

Part of growing your own is being a cold heartless gory male killer…:joy:

It’s hardest the first time…after that, it gets very easy…:star_struck:

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@tanlover442, I’m over it already. As soon as I opened my tent this morning : )

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@Pat2…knowing your precious Ladies are safe n healthy will do that for a good grower…:star_struck::vulcan_salute::v::cowboy_hat_face:


Looking good pat how much have they stretched since you flipped?

Thanks, @tanlover, @Humanclone, @boardsbird, @Drinkslinger, I would say they have stretched about to eight, to ten inches, I’m hoping they will follow MY lead, and stop getting taller, and start getting fatter.

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