Help any advice? Anyone can help

What advice how much longer?what does everyone think please need advice

Thank in advance all growers extremely new very first run NERVOUS!!Any advice in drying and curing process please feel free to spread your knowledge!!!strong text


Can you check trichomes? It will be easier to say it but i think she has few more weeks


Looking good but you still have time. The pistils will recede into the flower. They will also turn amber to dark brown as well.


She’s close. I’d check other sites though. I have a suspecion those new hairs are foxtails. I only see clear in irrelevant places. Like foxtails and sugar leaves.

Rest pretty cloudy. Last picture is your clear.

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Imo another three weeks

Since there is confusion. Especially with a suggestion of three weeks. This one of the OP’s pictures above. If you can’t clearly see this is a foxtail. Stop trying to give information if you aren’t sure it’s accurate.

See how the calyx with the newer pistils are stacked on top of what could be a finished bud? That’s a fox tail. If foxtails happen they must be ignored. You can’t judge all your buds off of 1% mass in foxtails.

Here are some more examples of foxtails.


Show us the lower down buds they’ll reflect the overall ripeness better

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I’d like to see an overall pic of the plant. You can’t say one way or another from such a small view of 1 nugget.
From what I can see in the pic , there’s time left as the rest above have stated.

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That’s a personal preference. My girls don’t even get that far. This girl wasn’t even that far.

This bud that I am personally very pleased with. Was chopped less mature than the OP’s.


According to the op’s pics 4 days ago they were only at 4 weeks of flower then.

From their other post.
Just sayin. :wink:


Well then. Guess I’m wrong. Im used to my girls who even at harvest look like this. Once dried and begin curing they look right. Hairs don’t darken before. I was going based purely off how cloudy his main clusters are. In which I see no clear.

That was probably 5-6 days before harvest of that one

But I get it. I’m used to a very tricky girl.


I always try to let most of the pistils recede back into the bud before I start looking with the loupe.
I like to get the most bang for my buck so to speak.

This is one I harvested last grow. At 11 weeks of flower. 10 wk veg.
Probably could have gone another week.


I’m sure my current girls pistils will do that. Just like 7 of my other plants. This pheno, which I keep a clone mother of. Does not. cannot go based off pistils on her. What’s crazy is they are “magically” dark after a few days of drying. As you can see in the Tupperware containers. It’s all documented in my first journal.

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Looks like you are eating your words @Budz. These places are great for advice but every one has a different opinion. I’ve been told “your plants are overwatered” and “your plants are underwatered” on the same thread, both members considered experienced.

That also doesn’t look like foxtailing at all to me but thats just my opinion and I accept that I could be wrong

I don’t feel that way. I doubt hardly anyone else does either. Everyone is just asking for better pictures. Which I’d like as well. But I’ve learned to just give my best impression of what I’m givin and move on. If they really need help they’ll give more information/pictures. Especially if they are already splitting topics. which is pretty annoying since it leaves me without information that would be useful. And I’m certainly not one to click on their profile and check their summary/activity for information. They can give it or not. Understand? @42o

Well yea sure. I just have had this happen to me, where someone gives advice, then seems offended when anyone else disagrees with it. You told another member not to give false information.

I just think the only person that gave false information was you and you seem to have accepted that when you said

Anyway no harm meant.

Come on guys no arguing Rolland smoke a fat one happy chilling yall

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She Finished up with some real nice color.


Thanks brother. That she did. :grin:
Smoke is pretty darn good too. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::+1:


What strain ?

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