Having Gnat problem

I’m growing in a tent indoors and I’m having an issue with fruit fly and or gnats getting in the tent. Any thoughts?

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Small bowls spread around the inside of the grow
Tent that contain apple cider vinegar with a few drops of fragrance free dish water soap.

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If that doesn’t work in a week then step it up to the next level.

Wasn’t sure if that would help but I’ll try anyways.

If needed dr earth works well

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You can cover the top of your soil in about an inch of pavers soil or diatematious earth and it will stop them from reproducing


Awesome I’ll try that! Thanks for the feedback guys!

This stuff works awesome and is safe and effective.

And also recommend sticky yellow traps that you can hang in room.


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An inch of DE on the soil makes a layer of concrete! Very hard for water to penetrate. Also totally unnecessary.
Just a light sprinkling will do. If all else fails spinosad (like Monterry Insect Garden Spray) is totally harmless to humans and deadly to all insects. They even use it on organic veggies and tobacco!
Look under the fans. I bet those are aphids. Some winged ones fly in and make new generations without wings. When the plant is wrecked, they make a generation of winged ones that fly away.


has anyone tried sevin dust?

If you have aphid problem add four table spoons of DE in a quart spray bottle with water spray above and under the leaves works well.

make sure it’s food grade DE

No how does it work


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