Have a question About harvest

What would make your buds smell like fresh cut hay.And when you smoke the buds turns black.and you dry in 60F and Humidity at 60.trying to help a friend out.

An early harvest would affect smell and black ash is a sign of residual nutrients in the buds. Probably a harsh smoke as well.


Early harvest like @Myfriendis410 says, possibly not dry throughout or lack of cure. Even a quick cure technique will usually solve most of that if harvested and dried properly.

I would guess if they were dried at 60% humidity that they would’ve needed to be sweat quite a bit. I usually shoot for 50-55% and that’s even higher than most. But I also cure before larger stems will snap. With any luck, getting them into jars and allowing them to cure some will make it at least a little better.


Right, when all nutrients are gone ash will be more gray, like what things normally look like when burned. Anything synthetic, man made, or high solids content burns nasty like a tire.


Cool thanks for the in put.I will let my Buddy no.he was thinking bad genetics.he said he smokes a joint and its good but when smokes it in a bowl.it turns black and no good smell. But I think it all about how you harvest.


Processes for the drying and curing are quiet easy to realize but shouldn’t be missed if you want to get all the smell and power to smoke. Of course, if you make your terpenes leave the plant after a too high exposure to oxygen and light during the drying process, what you’ll put in a jar will have difficulties to show its essence…

Yeah the black hash shows rests of nutrients, but when you friend smoke through a bowl, isn’t the taste poor because he feels his throat buring or scratching?