Trouble with drying and curing

A question from a fellow grower:

I’m having some trouble with drying and curing lately. My Buds have dried and the stem cracks but it burns down to black resin and not nice white ash. Also the smell and taste is quite off from normal sweet dank. Any advice?

Before you harvested did you flush the plant with plain water? I know that often times if you fed nutes right to the end it can affect the final product in the way you are explaining.

flush sooner try using a Kleen chem with distilled water simply ph’d just future reference

Also if they dry too quickly, this can contribute to the type of smoke that you are describing. But the above advice about flushing or reducing/restricting nutrients the last week or two of flower is also good advice.


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from the description it sounds like you dried it but have not actually cured it yet… did you burp it in jars for a few weeks? Or just hang it till it was dry and start smoking it?

I honestly think the curing process is one of the most important things to do ! Otherwise your are kinda making hay!! Speed drying will ruin your smoke. That’s where patients come to play. Waiting for it to cure properly is tough but makes all the difference in the world but if you didn’t flush u will usually get dark ash and usually it don’t burn without having to light it all the time. My last 2 wks of grow is a flush with plain PH water and molasses. I’ve alwsys used molasses because an old timer told me it will mellow the flavor a bit.


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