Harvesting my outdoor grow

Is it better to cut my plants up to hang and dry them or should they be just cut and hung as a whole plant?? Outdoor grow of og kush getting close​:grin::grin::grin:

This depends on the humidity. If it’s high, I recommend separating the flowers out a bit. If the humidity is low, I recommend leaving the plant whole, and allow it to dry slowly.


Thank you for your help

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can anyone tell me what this is and what causes it I found 2 spots out of 3 plants like this.No signs of mold growing outdoors???

That unfortunately is bud rot. Cut it out, and spray everything with hydrogen peroxide.

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So I found this when I was hanging my plants I harvested yesterday will all be lost?? I looked them over pretty well I saw no other signs than those 2 affected spots. I put a plastic bag over them cut out and discarded them

It’s not all ruined, but the spores are in the air. So be cautious.