Harvested early and Im twacked out!

I think I pulled my plants a few days early and they are really a racy high right now. This was my first grow and I had a jewelers loupe and all and pulled them when i saw the first few amber trichomes. (Huge mistake) I grew these plants strictly for Anxiety medicine for me and my wife and I screwed up. Is there any way to lose some of this racy high and get the THC to breakdown into CBN after the plant has been harvested?
Thank you


They are ILGM GSC extreme and I harvested them at 67 days

They will mature a bit as they cure. But the damage is done.

Lesson learned. Drop more seeds.


Sorry @Biged719 . You fell victim to the hardest part of growing. Patience, gotta have lots of patience. I will run out of stash before my next plant is ready but have learned that lesson already and refuse to even partially harvest.


Those last 3 or 4 weeks are long!! :blush::v:


Edibles may work better for you than smoking your flower. Like Purp said, lesson learned. Good luck


You did an amazing job! You grew the plant start to finish. You may of harvested a bit sooner than you would of like but you learned a huge amount. I feel like the hardest part of growing is the first season. Great work!!

I think you have three options to turn your THCa into CBN. I will list them in order of the quickest method. Get you guys relaxed and sleeping good. :wink:

  1. Edibles. Mmmm food and snacks…
    This may be the quiests way for you to enjoy your product. When prepping the ground cannabis in the oven make sure to decarb at a higher temp then norm. But not high enough to burn/smolder the grass.
    Charts and temps can be found online. Your house will smell on gonja but it will be worth it. You want to way over decard the grass to comvert all THCa to CBN.

  2. Pressed hash. (This is what I would do) When you extract resin from the plant it is simply that. Resin! When you press those resin glands into one another at the correct temp it than takes the form of hash. (Some will debate this). The hash takes on different properties than the single resin glands alone.
    This is done by decarbing the hash and ‘smashing’ it into itself. Turning THCa → THC. This is done by the heat of the lighter when you smoke a bowl of flower. If you press your hash, with heat, alittle longer that THC now slowly turns into CBN. For hashishins this product can be stored almost forever. Look into Frenchy: The Lost Art of Hash Making.
    If you go this rout I can walk you through it. :wink:

  3. Time. This will take a long time.
    Toss the flower in a turkey bag. Poke a few small holes in it so it can always get fresh air. Toss that bag in the shop and forget about it. If you can turn on a shop light 24/7. You can the flower to be in very poopy conditions. Lol. Air helps with the decarv and so dose light.


Just try not smoke every hour on the hour! :alarm_clock: :crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Congrats on a nice grow! :green_heart::raising_hand_woman:t2:


It’s the old " watched pot" rule. Einstein confirmed with his Relativity thing!


Trichomes will continue to oxidize and convert THC to CBN after harvest if exposed to air and light.

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Thank you for taking the time to write that reply mate.

What equipment do you need to make the pressed hash?

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  • We use a small 5.5 gal washer. I think its a Zenny from Walmart. I suggest a washer over a drill with a paint mixer. I think it dose a cleaner job and the return is by far worth it. Most small washer are almost the same. If you buy one from a gonja place you will pay double. Same unit and everything.
    I would suggest changing the drain hose to a smooth one. This way the resin can move freeling and not get hung up on the ridges.

*Bubble bags. I like the ones from BubbleBagDude. I use a 220, 120 and a 45 micron bag setup. You can finde those in a three pack but the guy is super chill and will work with you. The bags come with a 20 micron press screen.

*I would also suggest foir 5 gallon buckets. These will be used to hold the bubble bags in a siv style method. Cutting the bottoms off each bucket and all at different hidths. I can scetch is out for you come time if you would like.

*A clear large glass bottle. This is filled with boiling water and is used as the press. The clear glass lets you see the process of the resin melting into one another while is happins.

Each step in the hash making process can be as simple or crazy science like. It’s all up to you. I tend to nerd out alot :wink:

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Thank you