Harvested buds okay?

A question from a fellow grower;

I have a question about curing iv had buds in a big jar for a few months now I went and opened them just then and it was cloudy in the jar joke sort of Dusty when I tossed the buds around is that fine or is it onset of mold ?

Sounds like mold. :frowning:

Was this the first time you opened the jar, after a few months? How often did you open them. Were you able to get an accurate reading of the humidity inside the jars?

Sounds like you did not aerate the jar every day as suggested. Buds should be dried before placing them in a glass jar. The dust is probably mold/mildew, and the bud is not fit for consumption. Sorry to give you bad news. Peace

what about using for oil??

Using for oil would be great.

no issues using it if it has powder mildew on it ?? For oil making ?

To be honesy, I am not sure off the top of my head. I think I just read something on site thart said if you had that issue processing would make it OK. I think it was an article in the blog "dealing with “Powdery mildew”. Later, lw :slight_smile:

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