Harvest time or wait a bit?

Hi I have some plants that are ready to harvest. The crown buds are really thick and seem ready but the buds on the other stems aren’t ready. Can I take the crown bud and harvest it and leave the other buds to continue flowering until they are ready to harvest? Thanks!!

i suggest waiting till the white hairs are mostly all red or at least wilted and not standing straight up and white you can cut just buds or branches if you like but it can shock the plant .so be careful i some times cut lower buds and branches to check the potency .take a few buds let them dry or even micro wave for a few seconds at a time . till their just dry enough to smoke no real taste so (not recommended ) but you have to watch every second or you can vaporize the good stuff . but it is a fast way to check potency. remember if you get stoned off the microwave weed the cured stuff will be bomb to cure it .i let it hang in a airy room upside down for a few days to a week or so. when it’s dry and the stems are mostly dry and snap not bend . i put it in glass jars leave the lids off for a day or so check it for dryness. when it feels sticky but dry i close the jar it will keep for a long time. how long i don’t know .i always smoke it up in a few months .because by then my autos have replaced the dry old stuff still great but i get tired of the same old stuff i tend to grow about 3 kinds at a time but only a couple of plants each indoors and autoflowers …

Thanks mate , most of the hairs are Red on the main bud but on the other stems the hairs on the buds are all white. Should I harvest now as the main bud is ready. Or wait until they all ready? Sorry if stupid question it’s my first grow!!

You can harvest in stages if you like. Take those that are ready, leave the ones that aren’t.

Wait till all ready give them a chance to plump up. :sun_with_face:

I found a really useful site for cannabis info. This article is about harvesting at peak potency: https://frenchycannoli.com/s/WW124DimensionsofRipenessP2.pdf.
One of the things that really bugs me about the internet is the amount of false info. I think it is really important to look for accurate information and these people have done a proper study.