How to harvest beginnner

So I’m currently in my first grow and the plant has been flowering for 7 full weeks. So I understand that I should harvest in 1-2 weeks. The only problem is idk really what the process is I know you need to dry them and stuff. I saw something about leaving them in the dark before 48hrs harvesting and something called curing? Could someone give me like a general guide to harvesting?

The best way to know when to harvest is to check your trichomes, can’t really go by the breader suggestions.

You don’t have to do 48 darkness.

Lots of information in the links.

You got this, good luck


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Hey @Killerdwag there are several way to harvest, I hung my first plant whole, but to me was a hassle separating all the dry leaf from the buds. The idea is to separate all bud from green leaves, here’s how I do mine. I let plant dry couple days then I cut plant just above ground, then I cut bottom branches off first then work up to top branches.

then one branch at a time strip off all fan leafs so it’s all bud on branches so they look like this hang them for a few days till buds are where you like, then pop off the buds off the branches. put them in jars and every day for a couple to a few weeks open jars fluff buds around and let fresh air in and old gases out. Curing like this helps aid taste, you want you buds spungey not too dry. Good luck man, you will learn as you go. Oh try to hang in a cool dark place. If you got questions put @ before their name and that person will get a notification. Take care

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