Newbie - Are these ready?

I have 2 plants that I think are ready for harvest, & since a 3rd plant got bud rot, I don’t want to leave these longer than necessary. One is definitely Bergman’s Gold Leaf. I thought the other was White Widow, but I think it’s the Gold Leaf as well (a couple died off shortly after sprouting.)

Any thoughts?

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Still have a ways to go. Probably close to 6 weeks.


Really? Geez. They’ve been this size forever, & they’re all milky-trichomey. Am I waiting to see more orange-brown pistils (while praying no more bud rot) first?

They’ve been like that for how long? There’s barely any bud structure and look to be a week or two into flower.


I’ll have to check my notes, which have been in disarray. I thought one started flowering about a month ago, & the other was not far behind.

I’ve also taken pictures along the way. I suspect I’ll be surprised how much progress they actually made. I was also thrown off because of, Im guessing, a labeling mixup. I was expecting one to be GLF & one to be WWH, but I think those are both GLF(??)

It looks far too early to harvest - the colas haven’t started swelling yet. I could be wrong, but would have thought you have another 6 or 7 weeks to run.
Yours looks in a similar time frame to mine - and I am Day 20 of flower today - so I have about 6 weeks left.
Hope that helps! I totally get that you want to avoid the rot - but I think you need to wait - and be observant. :+1:t2: :sunglasses:


Yeah agree with the other growers. You have several more weeks.

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Nice healthy looking plant ! Your bud structure is just actually getting started I’m going to say five or six weeks. Keep taking care of her let those buds Stack Up and fatten up. :+1:

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I have the same question this is my first time and I’m using GSCEx autoflowering and I’m 6 weeks in and I was wondering if my buds will get bigger or is there a problem


Are mine ready

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Welcome to the community !and yes your buds will get bigger just keep taking care of her. You still have a few weeks to go.

Thank you so much for your input,it was helpful to this first time grower can’t wait.

Ok, it’s been a month since i posted this. I’m attaching today’s pictures. They’ve come a long way, & it’s been an uphill battle with the gypsy moths & white flies, plus a couple of potential bud-rot spots I had to clean up. Not to mention 2 tiny worms (caterpillars?) - 1 that blended with white pistils, the other with the orange pistils It was a remarkable camoflague that I’d appreciate if I hadn’t had to pull them out of the flowers. :see_no_evil:

There are a couple spots that could be bud rot, but I just can’t tell if it’s that because I’d never seen buds on a live plant until I started this grow. I’ll post those separately. For now, after these close to ready? If not, how much longer?

image image image image image image image

I don’t know why they uploaded sideways. Sorry. :confused:

No you’re a 7-10 plus days give or take but close. Start the flush if you’re using nutes.

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Thank you! Getting soooo excited!! I think I can deal with keeping the bugs off another 7-10 days.

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No not yet! The white hairs indicate that they will still swell. Each of those hairs extend out of a bract, this bract looks like a seed pod. As the hairs expire the bract swells, when the hair is fully brown and has expired the swollen bract is expanded. If you still have white hairs being produced that bud still will expand, so if you cut before the hairs stop being produced or have changed color, you will lose bud mass and likely harvest before peak resin production and ripeness.
Asbyou can see in this photo this flower is not yet ripe as there are still some healthy hairs left

once the hairs are all brown or red, its time to check the trichomes for readiness. They will likely be very close or even ready?


Newbie here, probably my third harvest, these have become so special, don’t want to go early. Bought a cheap microscope also, but these are front today with an iPhone.

How long?

Is that just one plant cause that first pic still has white pistils? When did this plant start showing? How many days? You’re in the window 7-10 days with that second pick although some white on th bottom also. I see all milky and clear so get ready keep watching. I’d be checking every day.

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