Harvest time in Northern Michigan

Temps have been dropping, how long before harvest


What’s that @Tc what purple strain we got here… nice flowers

Two are GG and the others are ? Seeds are from ones that i have had for a long time

Looks like a real long time to me. 4-6 weeks easy. How long have they been flowering? And more importantly, can you take them indoors at night?

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The first site of flowers was aug.24th, yes i can take them into the garage .they are only in 5gal buckets. Been raining last cpl days 2 more rain days


Yep, this Michigan weather is not making these last couple weeks easy… ive been putting a big barn fan on mine to get the wet off… after Wednesday its supposed to get back to low 70s , high 40s & 50s at night

I’d say as long as you can possibly wait based on the weather.

Well the temp dropped to 34 one nite and been in 40’s nite and 60 to 70 in the day plants turned purple. Is it soup yet? Should I harvest? Advise

Take a look please advice

I’d be thinking real serious about harvesting. 34 is to cold at night. If trichs are close, I’d lean towards taking down.

Im with @Dexterado id bring it down its getting too cold too fast where youre at


The trich are cloudy just 20 to 30 amber maybe a couple more days before temp drops again might get a little more amber


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The actual bud trichomes look like a good mix of cloudy and amber. I’d go for it soon

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Lookin good, delicious actually