Harvest soon? Too much rain

Hey, guys, just a quick question. Will, it be too soon to get anything out of this girl? It has been now raining 4 days in a row and it will be like this for the next week. Should I harvest them or just wait.

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@LGYK; Welcome to the community. I would wait there are still a lot of white pistils on her. maybe a few more weeks till harvest. I see she is in a pot can you move her to a protected area?


@Deepsix has you covered.


As mentioned I would ride it out, if you don’t have Bud rot or White powder mildew you got cloth pot for good drainage . If you harvest now you’re going to cut yourself way short, in weight and potency. Just my thoughts good luck.


Yes i might be able to put her somewhere away for the time it rains.


You definitely dont want to harvest yet! I would suggest moving it to shelter or conjure up some sort of shelter to place over it…

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