Maybe it’s Harvest time?

They have been flowering for almost 2 months and I’m just not sure if it’s time to harvest yet need help they are making my plant lean as if the leaves are gonna break because the buds are so heavy


A Complete Guide on When to Harvest Hemp

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Take something and tie them up to keep them from breaking…. And I have some sativa that are 11 1/2 weeks into flowering and they aren’t done yet… is this an auto?

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No not an auto and I’ll do that!

Still have a lot of white pistols maybe 2 weeks
I would trim all those fan leaves covering lower buds for the last weeks
Looks great though! :sunglasses:

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Should I harvest? I had a mold scare that is seemingly under control, but there is some heavy rain coming this week.

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Plant is in the ground, so it can’t be moved; however, I could put a tarp over it.

It still has more time to grow to maturity at least 3-4 weeks I would say
May want to just put a box fan in front of it once the rain stops if possible to help it dry out. Not sure about tarping
Good luck

I’ll do that thanks man!

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I just planted this baby here and I used a few days ago I used FFOF in the water by accident granted it was only about 3ml in a gallon and I only sprayed her 3x she didn’t get a full watering but it thinking maybe too much too soon? Is she gonna die or can I water her as normal and she will shake back? Is she too young to use cal mag? She is about 2months I planted her July 23rd

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If it were me, I’d cut the sick leaves off and just water. Wait for them to recover. But I really don’t know the exact circumstances you’re dealing with.


Fill out this support ticket and be as detailed as possible. Let’s see what we can do…

FFOF is a type of soil not a nutrient… and when you say spray do you mean like a foliar feeding? Or that you water with a spray bottle into the soil?

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Vessels: Pots, Grow beds, Buckets, Troths
PH of Water, Solution, runoff (if Applicable)
PPM/TDS or EC of nutrient solution if applicable
Indoor or Outdoor
Light system
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I’ll be doing a legit grow journal on my second cycle. Thanks for posting so I can screen shot.


The plant looks small for it’s age what and how have you been watering?
Type of soil?
Flood to draught is what cannabis prefers if you are in soil if over watered they grow slow and have issues

I use big rootz soil

I water until run off with a water bottle