Harvest Marijuana Oudoors When New FLowers Show Up?

Outdoor cannabis when to harvest new flowersMy Afghani-Durbans almost seemed to be ready by September 1 this year. New flower clusters showed up so I waited a couple more weeks. But, then more flowers started to appear again. Eventually, I clipped them on September 19. My friend had even more late flowers on his Thai marijuana plants. Should have given them more time?

As soon as the flowers mature, THC starts to decrease in concentration because of the light and heat around the plant. Even so, you should always keep marijuana plants that have new growth in the ground unless there is a risk from the environment, the law, or thieves. You could even just leave a few small buds to continue vegetative growth in the plant. It may produce an additional growth period.


When growing outdoors, most people I know will harvest the majority of the plant, by cutting it back. If the weather is nice they sometimes get another small harvest as the plant keeps growing. Because outdoor growing only gives you I harvest period a year, take advantage of it the best you can. Don’t risk the quality of the main harvest to wait for late buds, you will wish you hadn’t. The future harvest will not be as high quality anyway. That is why I grow inside, harvest the whole plant and make room for another one.