My outdoor marijuana plants are not flowering

I have an outdoor marijuana garden of ten plants located in my backyard. They were two months when I transplanted them in May. Now it’s the end of September and there are no signs of flowering. What am I doing wrong?

Marijuana will begin to flower when it “senses” that autumn is beginning. It chemically measures the amount of hours of unperturbed darkness it receives in every 24-hour cycle. When the amount of darkness hits a breaking point, the marijuana plant reaches a critical hormonal level and shifts from vegetative to reproductive growth. It generally takes about 8 to 10 hours of uninterrupted darkness to produce flowering for indicas and other higher-latitude varieties, but about 12 to 14 hours for equatorial plants.

It should be noted that marijuana is highly sensitive to interruptions in the dark period. A seemingly irrelevant flash of light during the dark period can keep the plants in vegetative state. You might also have a variety that is equatorial and won’t start flowering until late September or October. Interruption of the dark cycle during flowering will produce small, loose buds and a delayed maturation. If light is shined consistently on the marijuana plant during the dark cycle, the plants will go back to vegetative growth.


Are there any houses around you? If your neighbors turn lights on, that can keep your plants vegging. Sounds kind of silly that just a little bit of light can cause this, but it can. Street lights can do the same thing.