Blooming marijuana HLEP

A question from a fellow grower:


I am supposedly in the last week of the bloom stage for indoor growing of WW and SS and I have no buds just wilting plants, brown spotted leaves and stems. I know I’m doing something wrong for this is my first time. I not sure which direction to go. My plants are tall that they are touching the led lights at the top of my grow box and I should the plants still be under 24 light or 12 and 12.
Truly blowing it!

The plants need to be under 12/12 light dark cycle to force them to start flowering. 24 hour light can be used for vegetative growth. Once the flowering light cycle starts the plant need 12 hours of complete and uninterrupted darkness for the rest of their lives. This flowering period will last about 6 to 10 weeks, until the flowers are ripe, depending on the strain.

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