New grow, time to harvest?

Coming to the end of my first grow but not sure if it’s too early to harvest. (see pic below of two main colas)

Also was thinking of taking off all the fan leaves a week or two before cutting, let me know thoughts on this?

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Shes much too young.
Maybe a month to go. It will get much fatter.

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She’s about 90 days old now.
My concern was pistil colour I found they started to darken.

Sometimes they just take longer.
I had one go over 150 days and it was an autoflower.

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After all the white pistils darken you are getting close and it’s time to start checking trichomes. Usually 2-4 weeks more after pistils darken.

Being a new grower with only 5 grows done,I know it’s hard,the 3 P’s you need to adhere to are Patience, Patience,Patience. Any advice you need can be found here , these people won’t let you down.

You got at least a month to go. Get a loupe and watch trichomes.