Ready to harvest?

I need for advise in this plant.
It is a Sativa (don’t know the strain as it was a gift)
I started growing it since April but since I’m a first time grower i do not know very well if it is time to harvest.

Thanks in advance.


Flowering generally takes 8 weeks. So it isn’t a matter of how old that they are but how long in flowering?

Here is a guide on when to harvest


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I agree with @bob31. A lot of the sativas will even be quite a bit longer than that. Looks like a lot of clear trichs and to be still packing pistils too. Probably gonna be a bit.

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yup, those look about like mine did 4 weeks ago. You got awhile, I still have some time left on mine. But it’s worth the wait, they just keep getting bigger and more covered in trichomes! Enjoy!

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