Harvest has begun...early

So, had some major yellowing last week. I’d been seeing some mostly lower and inside but one plant rapidly yellowed all the way up the center stalk. The pistols were brown but I just couldn’t get a good look at the trichomes. I know they are cloudy but I don’t know if there were any amber. I made the decision to go ahead and harvest that center branch, its about 1/3 to 1/2 of the plant so not sure what effect that will have on the rest of the plant.

So, I’m wondering if it’s too late to stop the rest from doing the same or is this totally okay? It just seems like the yellowing is happening too fast. I understand that it’s because the flowers are draining the leaves and I probably should have fertilized more when flowering began. I’ve learned a lot during this first outside grow thats for sure. Just want to make the most out of this grow before I totally screw it up.

That said, holy cow, the trimming is A JOB! I started trimming up the buds last night and only got through half of this branch and that took 3 hours! My hands were shot and I felt like I was getting a literal contact high lol. Very thankful I had alcohol wipes on hand, wow, sticky stuff! How on earth do people get all this stuff trimmed, it doesn’t seem possible to me now. Color me overwhelmed :flushed:. Yeah, I know, a good problem to have right?

Also noticed quite a bit of stem damage from bugs. Like half of the stem hollowed out in small sections, found a few inch worms, tiny spiders and god knows what else, I’m still itchy lol. I used neem oil early on but nothing else. Should I be washing the plants after harvest?

Oh and seeds, I wasn’t surprised to see a few but I have to say there were more than I expected. This is a fem WW btw. Should I keep the seed?

These are the buds I kept, most were popcorn because this was a center stem getting little light.

This is the trim, should make some good cannabutter!

And this is still what’s left of this one branch left to process. Which do you prefer, trim then dry or dry then trim?


It’s okay to partially harvest. I’ve done it and the second cutting is often better than the first. It’s not too late to add some N depending on how far along you are. If you are only a week or two though it probably wouldn’t help.

It is nice to break up the trimming job, especially when you have a couple of pounds to do lol.


If you use surgical gloves you won’t get that all over your hands

Yeah, I thought about gloves, I even have some but I think I’d just as soon have it on my hands. Sweaty, sticky gloves didn’t sound enjoyable lol.

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@Myfriendis410, Im about 4 weeks into flower, maybe 5. I might add some N in the next watering, can’t hurt right?


Get some Alaska Fish Emulsion 5-1-1, tbsp per gal it is instant…
Then get some source of Phosphorus like guano or something and top dress…
Good luck

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Have the fish emulsion and access to chicken poo (that’ll have to do) so I’ll give that a try, thanks @Ragnar!

Use the fish stuff when you water, save the chicken stuff for next year veg grow its pretty hot stuff good for veg grow if well aged…

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@Ragnar, I remember now why I don’t use fish emulsion outside. Dogs. One plant was half dug by the time I realized. Even the blind and deaf 15 yo was in on it. I have a feeling I’m going to be cleaning up soon, or they’ll all sleep outside. Time to fence the plants off again. Thankfully the one they dug up was the one with the most yellow.

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Thats fricking funny, but sorry about your plants…I got mine fenced…

Great washing video here:

I had to keep chicken wire around my plants to keep my border collie mix out of the soil…

Thanks @Big123, I think I need to wash because of bugs. Finding a lot of inch worms which maybe one if the reasons for my issues. Tons of seeds which is very disappointing. Pretty sure it’s stress because I don’t see any “bananas”.

I did have it fenced early on but once they got big I removed it. The dogs left it alone for the most part. Interestingly though, the sheep have also left it alone. It grew much bigger than I expected and is poking through the fence. There is one branch that has been nibbled on a little (and I think I know who did the nibbling, she was very lethargic one day lol).

I’m already sick of trimming and no doubt will have enough to last me the rest of my life. I know what some are getting for Xmas lol.


One of my dogs :dog:- the border collie mix -tries to dig out manure from soil, he doesn’t eat the plants though, thank God. So I have the wire wrapped around the 30 gallon containers and it goes up about 3 feet.

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