Anxiously awaiting harvest

Howdy. I was hoping to get some feedback on the ladies here. Ftf these are outdoor fruity kush from ilgm seeds started back in May. Soil in 5 g. Buckets. I tried to stay organic as much as possible. Some nutrients. Mostly sun and water. Had some ph issues along the way alot of yellow leaves but never really got in front of it. As far as I can tell there in the 4th week of flower. This being my 1st grow I’m getting a little anxious About when to harvest . Just thought I’d throw these appear maybe guys can take a look at them And tell me what you think . ThanksUploading: 20200901_160430.jpg…


Looking good! Your window is probably going to be near 1st-2nd week of October. But it’s really up to the plant when the trichs ripen fully.


I’m just hoping The leaves will stop turning yellow I don’t get it

Could be low nitrogen but looks like could also be a pest problem with all the specs on the leaves.

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Nice plants ! You may need to give it a good feeding to get it into October Finish Line, as @BobbyDigital mentioned . Good luck

Haven’t found any bugs other than a handful of caterpillars. I do agree with the nitrogen theory. Any recommendations on food for the remainder?

Looking good brother plz post pics of harvest would love to see the finished crop

so far so good for a start. to get te best outta it, because you doubt it. mid October should be the best time for harvest.