Harvest and Curing time

I am very anxious with my first grow. This group has made me be ready for the next batch, well the one after the next. I had a question, what is the fastest way to harvest and then cure. I made a mistake and thought both plants would be ready together, but only one is, cloudy and a mixed of ambers on the buds. My plan was to harvest in tent, but tent is still needed. Back to question, off subject… how can I harvest and cure in less than 3 weeks, is it possible? How did they do it before when older siblings grew a plant in the closet to hide it.

If you do a wet trim at harvest (trim off large fan leaves), it should dry in 7 to 10 days in a dark place. At 60F and 60% humidity. Once the stems “snap”, you can then finish your trim. Then you can put them in jars and “burp” them for a week. Then you can seal the jars with a Boveda pack and let them cure for between a few weeks and several months (they get better with age!).

Others use drying bags called Wedryer…google them! Don’t know what your budget is or how cheap you are! I don’t, my mason jars are used pasta sauce jars, lol!

I had to make a drying box for inside my tent where the carbon filter is for odour control. Sucks air in from outside tent, thru the box via 2 usb fans, into the tent where the filter can de-smell it and back into the garage.

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Thank you, best news I heard tonight. I have mason jars but how often do I burp them. I have a couple of burping lids as well but of course not enough. How often do you burp, that is a nice set up

Just finished the drybox the other day, will test it in 2 weeks, hopefully!

Once it’s dry and you do your final trimming (I only remove big leaves, I keep most little sugar leaves on), then you seal it in the jars. I get about an oz per jar. Keep them in the dark, cool place. Open the lids daily for about 30 minutes per. Then reseal until next day. Do this for a week to 10 days.

Feel the buds the first few days…sometimes early on they may feel moist meaning they aren’t dry enough yet (you can get moisture meters and when it’s 11% or so, you’re good!). If they feel damp, I lay them out on a cardboard beer flat for a day to dry out some more. I’ve also had them too dry, almost crispy so I cut an apple into really thin slices and put one in each day for a day to rehydrate. Take out next day and continue burping.

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I just bought the Wedryer XL it is a 104 dollars can dry 6 to 8 lbs in 5 to 7 days it has its on fan and carbon filter odor proof.

I heard about people drying in the air fryer but I am not sure how good of an idea is that?

Am I burping every 30 minutes for 10 days?

Theres no speeding up the cure first 2.5 months they’ll smell like azz as the chlorophyll leaves the buds and truthfully they don’t really start to smell good until 5 months into the cure

@danniep40 where did you get your xl? ?

Not sure about you, but your jars should burp for 30 minutes per day! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I’d open mine up and go have a shower, by the time I’m done, they’re ready to close up again. Somedays they’d have a long burp if I was stoned and forgot (first couple days)! All good, worked out great!

I do not have an issue with smell. No company to speak of and high ceilings. This is what I dry my plants in. It sits on a table next to my grow area. I hang branches on the strings. Average 4 oz finished buds per cycle and is dry in 7-10 days usually.

Holes are cut in 2 sides for airflow, piece of cardboard cover to block out light.

If I hang whole plant, I move strings and use pvc pipe.

This is a recent harvest. :arrow_down:

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I personally went to the company @beachglass

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@beachglass i bought my wedryer XL from there website there on sale for 104 dollars original 129.99 they have a ■■■■■■ link to pay and shipping was pretty fast.

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i have the older one, but too big for closet. If i got a 3rd tent, my breakers would be popping every day.

Get a cheap hygrometer and throw it in a jar full of buds. Just keep opening the jars until the humidity stays steady at around 60/62, then you only have to burp occasionally, or not at all since you’ll be using out of them anyway.

I am glad you mentioned air holes, I would have forgot about it. Do you worry about the humidity and where should the rh be when harvesting?

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I just deal with whatever the humidity is. It is usually too low and my weed dries out too quick but it is still waay better than what is available/affordable on the street.
As for ideal conditions, 60% Rh and 60 degrees f is the recommendation.

@danniep40 what do yo think of it? They say on their website that it can dry 6.8 pounds, so I am assuming that is 6.8 pounds WET? Since others in the review section says it will hold 3 plants’ worth, I’m guessing it must be wet weight!
Have you used yours yet? What was the drying time like, fast? Or 10 days?

@Spudgunner haven’t used it yet but when i do i will let you know.