How to Harvest for the first time grower

Im a first time grower and i pretty sure i know when to harvest but im not sure How to harvest.
What is the beat way and how long should i dry before curing?

First you have to decide if you’re going to wet trim or dry trim. You want a good, lengthy drying time. 10+ days. Temps from 60-70 and humidity 50-60% are ideal for slow drying periods. Too little humidity or too high of temps and it’ll reduce the dry time.


You can either dry until branches snap instead of bend or get a moisture meter. Many choose to use mason jars or grove bags for curing

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It comes down to personal preference u can cut and hang the full plant or u can cut every branch off the stem and hang them up separately or u can cut all the buds off the branches and putt them on a drying racks and for curing u want ur temps to be around 18-20 degrees Celsius and Rh should be around 55-60% and u dry for 14 days you want to make sure u have air flow in the apace ur drying ur buds but make sure you don’t have ur fan blowing on to ur buds cause u will dry them out to quickly and they will have a hay smell so a long slow dry

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I find this to be more true after the cure and not so much after the drying. Flower should not be ‘crispy’ but more ‘leathery’ in texture.

If you are in a climate close to ideal for drying I’d do a wet trim for sure: WAY easier. If you live in a dry climate and would struggle to maintain ideal conditions then you may want to perform a dry cure: the reason is the leaves left on slow the drying time down somewhat. It’s just a PITA to trim dry.

You can also do old-school in a dry climate: paper grocery bags. These slow down the exchange of air, thus slowing the dry time.

I’m right in the middle of this now with outdoor temps in the upper 80’s and 8% humidity.


@BigCat420 brings up a great tool for knowing when you plant is dry. Just a simple moisture meter. You’re looking between 10-12% and you’re ready to cure the buds.


Hi @Myfriendis410, I only vaguely remember drying in a large brown grocery bags decades ago. I may have to dry some buds this way on this go around.

How much would yo put in each bag? QP, HP, or more? How often do you open it of fluff it per day? And are you still shooting for 7-10 days before final trim? Thanks if you know the answers to these questions I appreciate it .

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I’ve used paper bags as well and would normally put 3 or 4 oz. in each bag. Turn the plant material over once a day. Always try to shoot for 10 days but rarely get there.


Thank you sir, that is very helpful.

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Do you suggest curing in jars or curing bags?

Thank ya’ll for the info, I apperciate ya

Its up to you ,me personally i cure in grove bags theres no need to burp the bags where jars you would have to burp them all the time ,there are alot of people that curr in jars and then once its cured they put it in to the grove bags

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Thank you

Is there any paticular way for drying you would recomend, hanging say versus laying out?

Hanging has been best for me. I have wet trimmed and placed the buds on a drying rack but hanging and dry trimming have given me the best results time and time again.

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Sorry to bother and not to sound stupid bit trimming refers to cutting off the leaves from the buds?

Correct. Trimming is what you do to get them to their final state. Smoking state.

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