Hard grow lsd seeds

Having a hard time growing lsd seeds.did germane steps they come up then die

IMHO You’re doing something wrong, I have LSD and it’s not hard to grow from what I can tell.


@Jolander How are the numbers(temp/humidity) in your grow area? What light are you using?

I’m using a 600 watt light and watering 2 times a day I

What is the way you do it?

Way too much water. 2 times a day is overkill.

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The first pic is last night after transplant he other two are this am so they not been shocked I presume but Leaves pointing upward should I worry? @Jaythe420prophet
Yesterday I transplanted these I did not water them as the souls from the bag was most and it was hot when used first time. I woke up this morning and the leave were upward should I worry? I raised the light which is led king 1500 using only 300w to 26’ above seedlings and also added another fan for flow my temps at 77.8 humidity is 42 should I worry what could this be

should I have watered didn’t want to overwater and soil was balls moist not wet

Should I go to once a day

I may have put this in wrong forum sorry if u can help please do

Thats normal from what ive seen. They look good in my opinion. The temp is good. I wouldnt worry unless theyre drooping.

Go by feel. Put your finger in the soil about an inch down, if its still moist then let her go. Once its dry then water her. Over watering is what killed my last seedling before the one in my journal. (Not an expert but i have read and researched a good amount)

Thanks I will try that :grinning:

That’s a problem, especially during germ. Do you have pics showing what you’re working with?

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@dbrn32 id say a clearer pic is needed dont you? I cant see anything with that.

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I monitor watering, pH, and light, the big 3, neglect one and they all fail. Stick to basics, otherwise you can’t see the forest through the trees…


Ya, can’t really see anything in that pic other than maybe plant didn’t have enough light intensity at one time

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Had light on it 14 hours a day

But if it was just a little light bulb it could have been 24hrs a day and it wouldn’t help!!

It was a large sodium light