Lsd grow acting wierd

Ok my last batch of lsd plants didnt do this but these are just acting wierd. When the lights are on no problems plants look perky and happy. I havent watered them in a day and every night when the lights go off i have them on twelve and twelve now for flowering they droop like theyre overwatered. Temps range between 69 amd 80. Humidity 45 and 55. Both tents are 3x3 abd both plants in botjh tents are acting exactly the same. So i know lsd plants love light. But damn having to run them 24 hrs on light just wont let them flower lol. Oh im using fox farm ocean blend soil.
I use tbis soil on all my plants and like it

Plants droop when they’re sleeping. That’s pretty droopy but they look healthy

Be careful about shining a white light on your plants at night. If you must enter the grow room at night use a green light.

The plants drooping at night is perfectly normal.

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Yes it’s called nastic movements :slightly_smiling_face::upside_down_face:

Drooping around lights on or off is normal and nothing to worry about unless it persists for more than several hours.

It persist for 12 hrs lol

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How far are the lights from the top of the plants? Where recommended?

And you said they aren’t dropping below 69 degrees?

These are autos, right? I’ve grown a couple of those though both of mine were of the compact variety.

If they are - change your light schedule. I do 18 hours/day but divided into three 6 on, 2 off segments. Mine were overjoyed when I did that. Autos don’t need 12/12 unless they are being stubborn about flowering.

Did you feed any silica to these girls? I did when they were building up and it makes for very strong stems, even on the leaves.

And remember: they are LSD so you’ve gotta expect some weirdness. :wink:

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Thats correct

Yes, except for on plant that i swit hed to the other tent today uts too tall to be an auto i believe.

Yeah i know. They are strange cux they no longer do it but its week 5 and they have kicked into full flower mode. I got 1/4 out of two plants bet i get 3/4 or 1 out of 4. :wink:

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