newBeee 2nd grow with LSD feminized seeds

Well so far so good. I purchased 10 LSD Feminized seeds from ILGM. They arrived promptly. I put them in water in a dark warm cupboard. It took just over 56.5 hours to pop & all 10 did. I transferred the seeds to dirt & now 2.5 days later, 7 are showing their heads. I did think the seeds were on the small side. However, like I said so far so good & we are off and running.


Awesome. Let’s see how it goes. Got any pics?

Welcome back! Sounds like ya got a jungle about to ascend! Good luck, and keep us posted.

Good luck, very good strain, can be a little stubborn though.

Well just an update. Yahoo I got 10 for 10 popped their heads, about 6 days from start

LSD 4-18b LSD 4-18c


Any final results? I’m having a lot of problems with my lsd’s. They are growing weird. Not sure why my white widows are fine and one lsd plant is looking good.

My lsd turn out what I would call just good for my standards as far as buzz, the yeild was average, however on a different note, I am just starting to cure my Jack Herer after a 4.5 day dry and so far very, very, very nice flowers with a great taste & really great buzz