Very first grow, seems to be slow growth

Good day all! My very first grow. Using LSD Feminized seeds (not autoflower). I germinated (3) seeds in water but only one opened. Not sure if the other seeds were bad. The germinated seed was placed in soil 12 days ago and the attached image is what she looks like today. I am in a 3x3x2 grow tent with a Spider SF-1000D LED light. At first my temp was 81 with a humidity of 20. On day 5 or 6 I bought a small humidifier and now my climate is 78 temp with 51 humidity. I think they are great numbers. Even so the plant seems to be growing slowly but am I wrong? I am using soil for medium and don’t have ph numbers but will later when Amazon arrives with my pH tester.

My question, is the Spider grow light too much for the seedling? I do also have a 24 Watt Advance Spectrum LED Grow Light Panel (Dual Band). Should I use that instead during seedling stage? Also my lights are on 18/6.

Any advise or comments are welcome!!


Cannabis will sometimes pause visible growth at that stage while the plant lays down its root system. She should start growing fast once that is accomplished.

Based on growth so far (e.g. node spacing) looks good. Your light is probably at a good height.


Just be sure you aren’t overwatering plant. A clear dome over the top will bring RH up to near 100% which is good for seedling. Then daily watering consists of misting the inside of the dome twice a day. That’s all plant needs: until tap root is established, water is extracted from the air.


Yes, I did read and see images where you can use a zip lock baggie to create the dome. I will try that. I don’t believe I have been over watering. I have been mainly using my spray bottle. The times I have watered, it’s been a little just next to stem. With the dome, how many days do you think would be necessary to keep it on for? Thanks all for this advise. Much appreciated!!

Just a quick update, since putting baggie dome over the pot 15 minutes ago, numbers increased to 82 degrees, 85 humidity already. Have the hygrometer in the dome. Will continue to monitor. I will take dome off twice a day for fresh air and apply mist in the baggie then. How many days would this process last?

The seedling looks well established now, I would encourage root growth at this point by not using humidity dome.


I run much brighter lights than the Spider Farm and have no issues. Best Rule of Thumb…place hand above plant. If its to hot, raise till its comfortable. And vice versa.

Having a 18/6 schedule is perfect. But I do the opposite and run only 12/12 from start to finish. Catch is you need light quality like HLG.


A clear Solo cup is easier to deal with. A 2 liter Pepsi bottle cut down etc. works fine too.

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My favorite was those 4L milk jugs work well to, just cutt the bottom off keep them tall.
Take the cap off if you want less humidity.
The plastic helps diffuse the light and they are a nice width compared to the 2L pop bottles.

Again all personal preference many use l sorts of different things, I think someone on here bought his wife 4 cheese cakes to buy so he could have the lids lol


Thanks all! So if I keep the dome on, how many days or what signs should I look for to then remove the dome permanently?

Are you sure you have your tent set up proper? It appears that the vent is on the floor, It’s usually on the side of your tent. If so it will give you 1’ more head room.


Normally for me, by day 12 above ground I have ditched the dome. I agree with the above statement that plants this size sometimes stall vertical growth while they focus on establishing more roots. Also as stated above, check your tent layout because I don’t believe it’s normal to have a vent hole on the floor. Your seedling looks healthy right now so just be sure not to over water it. What soil are you using?

Thanks again all! So to address the tent setup, it is a 3x3x2, 2 ft tall. I flipped it on its side to give me 3ft height. It’s a nice tent with ventilation holes on each side so I still have my exhaust up top which can’t be seen in the image but you can see my intake in the back left corner dropping down. I think I will remove the dome. I might look to beef up my humidifier and just be suggested.

I hope you’re grow goes well but that is not a cannabis friendly soil some have grown decent weed in miracle grow but most can’t I don’t want to try I would recommend fox farm happy frog or roots organic soil ,in soil things are slower it can take 2 weeks to see changes The soil is the buffer and breaks things down so the plant can use them right now your roots are developing when they. Become established the rest will take off I would change soil transplant to a Moore cannabis friendly soil.any miracle grow experience please comment and I hope you achieve your growing goals.


So that is a great call-out that I was not aware of but in doing some reading you appear to be right. So I guess I can transplant to new soil once the plant starts to fill out it’s starter pot and ready for it’s larger pot? Doing it now would pose a risk right?


Yes, transplanting now would be too soon. Only because there is a lot of soil in that pot that the plant hasn’t begun to get roots into. Once your leaves reach the edge of the pot, you should be safe to transplant. I would start looking for your new soil ASAP. I know the local stores around me are still having issues with stocking due to the pandemic.

You didn’t use that soil did you?
See how it says FEEDS FOR 6 MONTHS! That means it has nitrogen pellets in it which will cause nitrogen toxicity.

You may be able to get away with it since its such a small container. When you transplant be sure to do so with a a different soil.


Hey @sparky66 I have used MG soil for my last grow and my current grow. My last grow had a hole bunch of negative factors to deal with and was stressed a lot so my yield wasn’t the greatest. Got a few ounces from 3 plants, but too many factors to point directly at the soil. This grow is impressing the crap outta me. Here is a pic.

What I do is the week before I drop my seeds into water I run about 5gal (I’m using 5gal buckets) of plain tap water ( has sat for 2 days) thru each planter in hopes of washing out some of the nutrients in the soil. Then I do not add any nutrient to my water until I start the flower phase when I’ll only add bloom booster all the way till the week before chop when it’s back to plain water. I’m told flushing during any growth phase is pointless as it’s all time release stuff and feeds with each watering. But this is only my second Indoor grow. We shall see how MG ends up this time.
@Abarnett88 I’ll be watching to see how MG treats you if you stick with it.
@Nicky knows his stuff (as do a lot of people here)

Next grow I may try something else for soil but who knows.

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Plants looking good and I hope you have a great grow the thing that I worry about is the time release in the soil but hopefully your flushing worked they look a little too green to much nitrogen but not to bad and it just could be the light or my old eyes either way good luck :four_leaf_clover: