Happy Mother’s Day (3 clones)

The first clone (second from left) was transplanted 4/8. The second and third were transplanted 4/13.

This pic was taken on 4/16.

Here they are this morning.

Mother’s Day 5/10.


My indoor grow space is limited. Two of the girls are gonna get flipped to 12/12 and one is moving outside. She’s going from a 3 gal bucket to a 6 gallon pot. And she will be moving outside near her mother. But first she has to move.

@Zee The last picture here is of her Mother (Wash).

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Here are a few pics looking up.

@Hellraiser The undergrowth on this clone was a huge tangled up mess! It’s only slightly better.


Yeah they get like that, on the last one I did, I cut off so many of the little branches, could have made 100 clones.


@latewood Who should I ask for help moving this thread to a more appropriate category?

Here is Wash and Wash 1.1

And this is where 1.1 will stay now as her sisters (1.2 and 1.3) get flipped.

And here are the sisters.

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@Myfriendis410, see above sir.

MyFriend, I was wondering if I could have this bread moved into my “revegging wash 1.0” thread.

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