Attack of the clones

Hey what’s going on? I tried my hand at cloning so I wouldn’t lose this genetic

and I don’t know why it’s growing this way LOL followed all the instructions from videos and everything I’ve read

What was its mother like? Was she well behaved? Was it a monster cropped clone?
Some times it just takes them a while to sort themselves out.

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How long has she been rooted? You’ll see some funky growth as the flower re-vegges. I think she looks beautiful.

This is a re-vegged plant at about a month after harvest.

She’s still showing funky growth, but those new shoot will grow nicely.


The mother was/is a very resilient plant. When there was signs of deficiencies or pest she would bounce right back after treatment

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I appreciate it!! Your girls look good!!!She was Cut about a month ago and started showing roots About two weeks ago. She has been in that solo cup since then

There’s a reason it’s called “monster” cropping.


Because they come out looking like little monsters? LOL