Gummy mold size

What size gummy bear molds do you use? I see one that makes 1" bears 3.5ml ea. and one that does .8" 1.5ml and a lot that do 1ml bears. I don’t know which would be more practical.


I don’t use gummy bear molds, per se. I have 3 candy molds. One has 30 spots that hold 1 tbsp each. The others have 36 spots and hold 1 tsp each.

When I am making edibles using molds, I use my mold size to determine how much weed is needed per serving.

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@blackthumbbetty Using my Magic butter machine I have 750ml 190 proof Everclear. 3 cups. MB says 1/4 to 1 oz per cup. I have plenty of buds for edibles, probably 8-10 oz So I am going to do 3 oz to the 3 cups. It says 4 or 8 hrs at 130° on the machine. I am going to go the 8 hrs.

First time doing alcohol in MB Machine, I made 2 batches of coconut oil and liked it for the brownies. I am go use the MB machine this time for simplicity before trying some of your frezzing/shake/freezing/slow evap techniques.

Anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks RAP

3oz of bud will make about 90 servings…for me.

Frankly, the mbm makes terrible tasting green dragon tincture. It will work, but no need to cook the solution at 130 for 8 hours. Honestly, any QWET method is so much faster, easier, and makes better extractions. I am not knocking the MBM for making budder/infusions, but it truly is not appropriate for extractions, no matter what they say.


I have read all your posts I can find and others also on making tincture. I 100% believe you on the way to do it and that for alcohol MB may be the worst way. I may buy a heated stirring plate in the future if this alcohol tincture is something I like.

I have the MB machine going now and will do just 4 hrs if it would be better than 8 hrs. I have 3 oz of Acid Rain and one 750ml bottle of 190 proof Everclear. I will see what comes out and will do another 750ml bottle of Everclear tomorrow using your shake/freezing/shake ect method and then have my side by side comparison. I am one who likes to see everything :sunglasses:

I also want to split this batch when done and try the sun to get rid of the green and see if it makes a difference also.

@blackthumbbetty So after the MB is done and all is strained I have 2-3 cups. After it settles do you use the top liquid layer and throw out the fines layer on bottom? Or is the fines layer part of it?

How did you strain it? What do you mean by “fines” layer? If there’s still a layer of plant material, it needs filtered again.

You will need to allow the solvent to evaporate off almost completely to get oil for gummies. If you’re trying to get a tincture for gummies, you’ll want the solution to reduce til it’s the consistency of cooking oil or watered down honey.

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Yes a fine plant material layer. Filtered through the MB filter. I then filtered through a coffee filter so all clear now. It is sitting in a stainless steel bowl now on the counter.

What is the difference between using oil or tincture for gummies?

The tincture is more liquid and will contain solvent; you’ll need to adjust the amount of fluid in your recipe. Tincture is not as potent as oil, because it contains excess fluid.

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I have it down to 4 tablespoons in a tiny glass bowl so it is still evaporating. If I stop it at 3 Tablespoons that would be 1oz per TBLS correct? Also just realized I did not decarb the 3 oz. They were cured 5-6 weeks. So now what do I do?

Did 4 hrs at 130° in MB Machine decarb it?

I did a double boiler to reduce and brought to almost boil then set on simmer. From research it may have decarbed it. Not going to worry either way. Tomorrow I will decarb a few oz in mason jars and get ready for round 2. I will do the Everclear in freezer technique.

Anyone have a good gummy recipe?