Guidance on advance nutrients

Have the “grow” and “bloom” and cal mag coming from advanced nutrients tomorrow anyone used it wanna share any tips/feeding schedules for this stuff?

Medium is a store bought stage 2 of 3 potting mix with perlite. Got recommended but not sure of the nutes breakdown of the potting mix but says it has “5 weeks” in it. Its the John Innes potting mix no.2 (european region)

Thanks folks!

Not the cheapest nutrient line, but it worked really well for me, i still use a few of their products. I always followed whatever the bottle said and had very few issues, aside from nitrogen toxicity at the end, but thats happened with every nutrient line ive tried. Cant say anything about your soil, i tend to stay away from mediums that feed your plants for a certain amount of time, that might make it difficult for you to correctly administer nutrients. Ive top dressed super soil and that usually lasts 6ish weeks before needed more nutrients so maybe its the same thing🤷‍♂️. Also the “micro” contains more than just cal mag, dont remember everything in it but you might wanna campare that to your cal mag to see if youre going to be missing some things

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If this is what you’ll be using it already has cal/mag in it. Happy growing

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I slipped out on the micro thinkjng it was for seedlings in hydro haha. Forgot my rog straps anyway so ill throw that on todays order and maybe just go for some general potting mix instead, thanks for your 2 cents!

Thank you sir!

I got the one with the gorilla, was going to go for the sensi but i thought it was a bit overpriced, then realised afterwards i was being offered both, oops lol.

Gorilla contains cal mag too?

I didn’t realize you had this thread going. If you come across anymore questions we’ll address them here so we don’t hi Jack @SirBuddy grow thread. :v:


Ah ha, learning ettiquette, thank you!


I’m not familiar with that line. Sorry

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I just want to point out to you the average manufacturer of nutrients that sell calcium magnesium is generally an NPK of 1-0-0

Advanced nutrients calcium magnesium has an NPK of 4-0-0 (that’s three times heavier)

Im keeping that as a back up incase of N deficiency, correct practice?

Not necessarily. What type of water are you feeding with? (Tap water-reverse osmosis of water- distilled water) Ect…

Using a distilled thats a little on the high side. 7.2 i believe. Dont trust the tap water lol

Thats their first two waters only

Okay great distilled water is very good for several reasons. There’s no PPM and when your final feed is mixed it’s all nutrients (not tap water garbage)

I use reverse osmosis water (just like distilled) What I like to do is give my plants Cal mag every other feed. I like to add 175ppm or 350EC of calcium magnesium to my water. Mix well let it sit for 20 minutes and then add my base nutrients and additives.

By giving a low dose like this you’ll prevent calcium magnesium deficiency.

In your case your calmag is super strong so I would add a few drops check your PPM add a few more drops check your PPM and then when you reach 175 PPM or 350 EC you have reached your desired amount.

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How many plants do you have? How old are they? Can you show me a picture

2 @ 12 days since pop.

2 days since 2nd water.

Sure ill send a pic in about 20 mins, ignore the ghettoness, big delivery en route! :tada:

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Ghetto is my middle name

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Be sure your practicing good water techniques. You don’t want to over water nor do you want to underwater.

I just looked up your soil. It’s a bit strange but you’re specifics are relatively acceptable in my opinion for growing cannabis.

It does say you have approximately 5 weeks of feed. By all means that does not mean to leave your seedlings in a Solo cup for 5 weeks :blush:

Once the seed pops the dirt I generally transplant between 10 and 13 days depending on the wellness of your plant (seedlings.)

One of the most important things is keeping your environment up to par during the seedling stage. 75 to 80% humidity temperatures between 75 and 80°

Woke up to the smaller one toppled over on her side half buried in her own spil, no idea how it happened but she bounced back within 4 hours :slight_smile:

The big girl appears to have a slight droop but she got big leaves and has rose up a bit today

That particular light and shade have brought me through every seedling and once they reach the shade i transfer them into bigger pots.

But tomorrow i have my first proper light arriving, evo04 very excited.

Ill be keeping one and parting with one, want to focus on one nice plant for this run.

Thats great regarding my soil, ive always used the seedling soil of the same line for my seedlings, 3 weeks of nutrients, usually 5-6 light wayers and theyre ready for something bigger