GSE Auto - leaves turing light green

This grow has been going pretty smooth so far. Now that I’m a few weeks into flower I am seeing one plant getting lighter leafs mid plant, new growth has been light as well. Leading me to think possible iron deficiency. Any insight would be super appreciated

Here are the specs:
Strain GSE auto day 48 and starting week 4 of flower
4x4 tent
6in in-line with fans in tent
Hlg 550 rspec
5 gal cloth
FFHF soil
Watering distilled ph’ed to 6.7
Nuits: FF trio
Avg Temps. Day 76 night 68
Avg rh: 45-55
Ph last watering run off was @ 6.1 ppm 563

Last night I did take some action, pushed up the first flush, ran 3 gal of distilled water ph’ed to 6.8. Followed by an additional 1 gal with 3/4 strength feeding. Ph out with the last gallon was 6.5 with ppm of 568.

Pic at lights on today:


At this time my plan is to wait and see impact from the flush and feeding. Hopeful to see positive reaction by tonight.

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@STC_Cultivator. Flushing saved my girls!

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Noice! Looking like this will do the trick, anything to keep the ladies happy.

Lights on today she’s looking alot better, flush and feed for the win!

Happy growing!

She does look happy. Good call. Happy growing

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