Gold leaf auto need help

Hello everybody! This is pretty much my first grow so I’m definitely still getting a hang of everything. My question is what is going on with my gold leaf auto? All of the bud sites are really bright yellow and twisting slightly. I think this looks like a iron deficiency but was wanting to get some experienced growers advice. I ph my nutrient solution at 6.5 and fed nutes every other watering. The plants are under an hlg 280w quantum r spec. I attached a pic hopefully you can see the yellowing.

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You can see that in the pre flower stage. Some people refer to it as torching not a bad thing . Good luck

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Thank you so much for the reply! She just started flowering so that makes sense.

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Welcome to the community also very nice plants.

Welcome to the community :blush:

Thank you! I’d like to know what strain theone on the right is but it’s from bag seed. It’s starting to smell really fruity starting the 5th week of flower.

I think feeding that often is dangerous, you best test your runoff you probably find a high PPM

Can you clarify what you mean?

He is adding nutrients every other watering…not sure what you meant above?

Here is a good post to reference for deficiencies

To better assist could you provide details such as
soil used
Nutrients used

Over all they look great and yea I see what you mean with the gold leaf but don’t think it’s iron issue.
I had not heard of torching before so could be.
If not and just keep an eye on it daily and it will either get better or worse…
Soil ph out of range can cause issues or she is starting to need more nutrients maybe than the others.
If so you’ll want to adjust her feed up a bit more than the others.
As they go into flower they will want more Phosphorus and Potassium and less Nitrogen so adjust what you are feeding accordingly.


Well that sounds like a lot of nutes to me, with PH right they will suck them up too. Good chance to burn, I’d want to know what the ppm is from the runoff after feeding every other watering, And how often is he watering? every day or?

If he is growing in living soil with natural nutrients ppm isn’t really critical.
I don’t water to run off on purpose nor bother to check my Ppm from it.
So depends on soil and if natural or synthetic nutrients and weather they need to bother with run off ph and ppm etc


Whatever you are happy with is cool, I don’t agree with any of what you just said.

My soil is ocean forest and my nutes are the ff trio with a small amount of organic unsulfered molasses and treated the soil with beneficial nematodes back in veg. I’m using the trio at half strength, so you think I should up the nutes? I forgot to say how often I was watering but it’s about every 2-3 days cause I go by how heavy or lite the pots are. Next time around I’m going all organic with compost tea. I was reading about deficiencies and the closest I could find was iron deficiency but it hasn’t gotten worse over the past week.

You can start brewing and watering with aerated compost tea now if you want will help…won’t hurt.
If you don’t have a premix for tea you can just get some worm poo and molasses etc and make a simple tea.
There are many recipes on this site to look through.
As far as feeding amounts I don’t use the ff trio but just keep an eye on them and if you see her getting worse lighter green etc you can up the feeding a bit for her.
I’m not seeing any over feeding …burnt end tips etc.

If you are interested in a ready made complex compost tea mix with great ingredients already in there take a look at boogie brew products.
They have a great mix you can buy and try now.

Either way simple or complex tea I would start now to intro more beneficial critters into the soil to do the heavy lifting feeding the plants

Grow looks solid good luck!

If your growing with synthetic salt based nutrients I understand where your coming from…no worries

I maybe shouldn’t have assumed being a first time grower would be using bottled nutrients. Meant no disrespect to you Sky. I have an idea, Maybe Chevy will describe his watering and feeding schedule and what he’s using.

I was actually wondering if it would be alright to go ahead and start using compost tea for this grow or not. I’m not sure if I’m a fan of the ff trio other than the organic bottle with guano and worn castings in it. Thanks for the info I’ll give boogie brew a look! What’s your preferred method of feeding btw?

I listed my schedule and nutrients above. Thanks for the info!

I did read that, sorry I forgot. Thanks

Yea I just looked up the FF trio.
I use the big bloom from time to time as it is organic.
The other 2 in that lineup are not.

When you see the word chelating etc it will key you into it not being organic…salt based stuff done in the lab not natural.

My first grow was all tea feeds and top dressing natural dry amendments from Down to Earth. Great company and great line of products.
My current grows are using various methods
All my 10 in flower right now are using Kind Soil at bottom (super soil) along with a base soil at the top and those mostly just get water and sometimes I add tea or Epsom salt and or mychorrhizal Fungi soluble powder root growth enhancer to water. Sometimes Fulvic acid but mostly just water as that is what their directions state.

The ones in smaller containers I feed using top dress dry nutrients and teas and such…from there it depends on if I up pot them into Kind Soil or not as to how I feed them.

Living soils with good populations of beneficial bacteria and fungi and nematodes and all the critters (Teas) will do all the heavy work feeding your plants you just need to feed the critters and weather you have a well built soil with all the needed ingredients for the grow or you plan to add ingredients as you go to that top dressing.
I also will do foliar sprays of the leaves as well using compost teas.
If I have a deficiency I want to correct quickly foliar feeding will do that the quickest.

Hope this helps and HAGD

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