Gsc extreme auto 4 weeks in flower

Growing in fox farm O.F. , lots of cloudy trichomes. Should I feed or just water ? Thanks

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How old, pics of trichs?

@ChuckAluck definitely need some closeups of your buds and trich shots are really the best way to figure out where your at.

Camera phone…to feed or not ??

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@ChuckAluck the lighting is so yellow in the images I can’t get a handle on your pistol colors.

58 days from breaking soil

Can u take pics with flash?

Pistols mostly red on one girl , other still has some white. 40-50% cloudy triches on one girl. Just wondering if I should feed one more time or not

@ChuckAluck not everyone in here believes in the 2 week starvation water only flush. It’s a growers choice sorta thing. If your leaning towards another feeding just do it. If your plant was outside in the ground you couldn’t stop her from eating up until you chopped her. She’d eat everything within reach of her root structure.


You title says “4 weeks in flower”. You probably have at least 2-3 weeks to go. Definitely give another feed.