Flush or keep on feeding?

I’m growing some white fire punch from growers choice in 3 gal fabric (Mother Earth soil) under 100 watt led each plant, ph 6.0 ,ppm runoff at 1000(feeding botanicare kind)
, I’m on day 56 since I switched to 12/12 light cycle, the trichoms are about all cloudy. I’m wondering if I should start flushing for the last 2 weeks and by the time I’m done flushing it it

would be ripe,or do you think I should keep feeding for couple more weeks ? Thanks in advance

Processing: EF290EC9-E10C-4133-A215-6F0812041576.jpeg…


It looks good but u need to see if the trichomes are cloudy or clear if there clear its not ready if there cloudy ur plant is ready

Man u did an awesome job so far. Not alot can make it this far at first try. A USB microscope will do u wonders to see trics up close. They always look milky in pics like what u took but up lose they may be clear need them close like this or so to see

To answer your original question, if you plan to chop within 2 weeks, and you’re planning a 2 week water-only flush, I’d say you’re very likely in that window.

Are the main colas further along than the lower buds? I am thinking don’t flush, take the top colas when ready and let the other flowers mature.