2 more weeks to go?

This beautiful lady here started flowering approximately Nov 1st today is 6 weeks should I start to flush? I have them in happy frog and been using FF nutes. It’s hard being patient but super excited watching them fatten up!!


Based on the pic I believe you still have a way to go. Possibly 3 weeks or so. Over the next couple of weeks you’ll see them really start to fatten up and get frosty. If you get a chance try to take a pic in natural light or just with flash from camera. Flushing with water only really doesn’t remove anything from the buds. Personally I think you should keep feeding up to the last week or so. Others may disagree with that, but I don’t believe there’s any advantage to starving your girls the last couple of weeks. You should base your harvest time by trichome color, not by a generic timetable put out by seed company.


Thanks @Bulldognuts. I was thinking the same thing Says on FF feeding schedule to repeat the last week until harvest so I think that’s what Imma do. I have a jewelers loupe I use to look at trics

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I agree, a few more weeks and they will pack on a lot of weight. :+1:

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@Coen3440 @Bulldognuts still think more than a week??

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Lots of clear trichomes there and pistils are still mostly white. So I’d say you probably have longer than a week. But you’re getting close, try to start checking the trichomes regularly.

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Thank you I will It’s hard being patient but what’s another week. I started her Oct 5th. This will be my first smokable harvest. I plan on feeding nothing but ph water at 6.3 until I see amber and then give them 48 hours of complete darkness and cut them at the base while still dark. Sound right @Bulldognuts ?? Any suggestions?? Thanks for your help as well greatly appreciated


The best I have ever grown was some lemon g outdoor that we never had time to fertilize so it only got watered and that’s it like 4 times all year, they were not huge, but such clean smoke. It never hurts to flush them out more.

first timer, under the Mars hydro tsl 2000, gg auto from gcs. I’m at the end of week five according to my time table. But I didn’t know when to consider my plant to be in flower. So it could be a couple days off. Any guidance would be appreciated

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Minimum of 2 week patience

@Cdon007 that plant is in flower for sure.

All of those clumps of white are the flowers.
@Cdon007 if you are 5 weeks from seed, or even from sprouts, I would say your plants are looking really good. I have a grow journal that I post pics of mine every few days, with how many days in they are take a look.

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That sounds about right, just be conscious of how much amber you have. If you want a good couch lock effect then go up to about what you estimate as being 20% amber. I will usually chop a indica dominant plant when they are at 100% cloudy. But I don’t want something that will make me pass out on the couch :slightly_smiling_face::smiley::+1:

Yeah. My bad im in the 7th week of flower now. I meant. I didn’t know exactly when to consider them in flower, when they first started to flower.

the breeder says 55 to 65 days to flower. I’m at 47. But the tops are kinda turning like brown. Do you think I should harvest??? Or give them another week?

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It’s better to go by the plant than the breeders numbers, but the really pack on a lot of weight the last few weeks.

They look really good though. It prob wouldn’t be a bad time to start flushing them.