Growing outside

A customer has a question or concerns and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

I would like to do my grow outside, since I’d like to avoid the expense of lighting. But I have not figured out yet, what exactly I need to do.

Timing is important so that the plants can acclimate and need to experience increasing daylight to prevent early flower assuming photos. A greenhouse is fine in veg but too high humidity for flower.

Pots instead of in the ground so you can move them. And be prepared to deal with insects and mold.


Whats your weather like?

If you grow regular plants, they are tied very much to the seasons. They only flower when the days get shorter in the fall. So you put the pots outside as early in the spring as you can, and they vegetate all summer. In September or October they are done. (Of course, the opposite in the Southern Hemisphere.)

If you grow autoflowers, you can plant them anytime and they finish in a few months. Depends on the weather. You want to avoid frost and very hot weather.

Go pro-active with bugs: Spray on a regular basis with Spinosad or BT. They are harmless and caterpillars will destroy your crop without them. Use fencing to keep out deer and rabbits. They love to nibble weed. Keep out cats and dogs, too. Some strains (usually indicas) can’t take full sun. You might need some shade cloth.