Getting my first auto flower grow going

My first grow in more than twenty years. I moved out of Oregon, and Colorado before that, and now to a state that will never make it legal, so a growing I go! Just learned about autoflowers and ordered five White Widows from here. I plan to start them (only 3 of the five), indoors then move them outside. Nice, hot, sunny, humid summers here.

I bought a Byingo 2ft 32W LED Light as recommended, for starting the plants. I plan to purchase three, 3-gallon fabric pots and some Wonder Soil | Premium Organic Potting Soil Mix which includes coco coir in the mixture. I’ve read that when using this type of mixture adding nutrients is not absolutely necessary. I also read that going this way the plants would not have to be flushed. I don’t really need huge yields, as there are just the two of us and a little goes a long way. I am reading, reading, reading!

I have a nice sunny spot outside on the deck for them and we have a large, fairly isolated yard.

When do I move the plants outdoors?
Do I need to start a light cycle before putting them outside?
So, what suggestions or comments at this point?
I have seen varying opinions on whether to start the germinated seed in a smaller container, or put them right into the three gallon bag… what do you prefer?

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Just verify the area you’re in has more than 12 hours of day light, and you’ll do great.
Welcome, and happy growing.

Do you have a link to that light? You’d probably want 100-150/ppfd through veg, then move them outside once they flip to flower.

I’d plant them right in the 3 gallon pot. Just be mindful how you water them when they are seedling stage. What you’d be looking for for the first 10 days or so would be a wet ring around your plant about the size of a doughnut.

Once you move them outside you’ll probably want to block direct sunlight from hitting the outside of your fabric pots. I ran a wwa in a 5:gallon fabric pot recently.
I was taking it outside every day for a few hours (the plant loved being outside) andd on sunny days it would take several hours for the soil in the pot to cool down because the exhaust fan in my tent would run a lot to remove the extra heat from my tent.


Also don’t be surprised if you have to add more phosphorus during flower my wwa was very hungry for P during flower. Seabird guano is good for adding phosphorus. You get extra calcium for free. :grinning:

On the other hand, can’t I just do all of this grow outdoors??

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You can absolutely do an entire grow outdoors, starting them indoors is a plus though. Just keep in mind that growing outdoors opens the possibility of an infestation or being eaten by an animal. Also as stated before, make sure that you have a spot for the plants that is securing at least 12 hours of daylight once flipping into flower. Any more than 12 hours runs the risk of “revegging” also, so keep that in mind when you plan to bring them outdoors.

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Okay, sounds like starting inside is still the best way to go. At what point do the plants begin to have an odor. I would rather not have that in the house and don’t want to invest in carbon scrubbers etc.

Judging from your handle you live in the cowboy state I too spent 12 years of my life in power river basin. the weather is challenging to say the least high winds, thunder storms, hail, herds of ravenous Antelope, soil sucks and a short season. You also have to worry about the smell but it can be done I had a good vegetable garden but it took a lot of work. You could easily grow 2 autos in a 2x2 tent and get 3 to 4 crops a year.

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yes it just came up lol since your here im looking to buy some seeds for a outdoor grow but not sure what to get. i want a plant that is easy to grow with high yields and thc as im new to growing i live in the north east boston area and will be growing them outside all summer ive been looking at bruce banner purple haze and jack herer are those easy to grow outside and easy to grow in the climate im in any suggestions would be great thank you

No longer in Wyoming either… Alabama! The handle comes from a freshman anthropology class years ago where I wrote a report on how people interact in a shopping mall. I turned it into a creative writing effort and came up with johnnywyoming as the name of the anthropologist. A play on Indiana Jones. Over the years johnny has stuck around.


You should be able to look up frost free date for where you live. Move them outside after that date.

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I don’t see any reason why you couldn’t start taking them outdoors now.

I planted a my seeds in some 3 gallon rain science pots (not gonna transplant them) about a week ago and I’ve been taking them outside for 4-6 hours per day to to get them ready for being outside 100% in a few weeks. In the meantime, they have been on a 18/6 cycle with the rest of their day time under lights in my grow area.

I don’t know anything about your light, but start them indoors and take then outside as much as you can to get that sweet, sweet natural sunlight.


Autos don’t like being transplanted. You can start them in the container that they will finish in. Fill your pot with soil and put a solo cup in there to create a void. Take the solo cup out to reveal a hollow cavity, and fill that with the potting soil you intend to start your seeds in. They will grow out into the rest of the pot after seedling stage. Autos are a funny grow sometimes and can be fussy. I encourage the less is more approach. This is the soil mix ratio and recipe I have used in the past for auto grows.

  • 3 parts peat moss
  • 3 parts compost
  • 2 parts perlite, pre-wet
  • 1 part vermiculite, pre-wet
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I believe he is growing autos, I could be wrong, but light cycle matters none.

Just run 18/6 until you move them out. These are not photos so they won’t reveg or flower prematurely. Autoflowers are like a formula one race car, as they try to get to the finish line first in the least amount of time.

If you want to have fun on this grow, set reasonable goals, don’t try to do too much, remember less is more, and to take the time to read good credible cannabis growing literature. Remember this is a weed, and does a pretty darn good job left all to its own.