Growing marijuana in my closet

A question from a fellow grower:

i will be attempting to grow in closet; pretty much only place i have availible to try. i have a 135 watt 7 band spectrum led grow light, i have a fan set up in there with that, closet door open slightly; and the bedroom door open just a little.

in your opinion, do i have a pretty good chance with a sucessful grow with this?

Yes, you can grow with your setup successfully. During the dark period you can close the door completely, they need to breath the most when the lights are on. It is most important when it is dark that it is 100% dark, uninterrupted for 12 hours or a little more during the time to flower. During the vegetative growing light cycle it is not as bad to interrupt the short 8 hour or less dark cycle, but the more consistency you can give the plant the healthier it will be.

Dimensions of the closet, growing medium(soil/type of hydro), strain, PH, type of nutrients used, EC/TDS ppm levels, temperature and humidity % would be good information to share with us if you run into any problems with your plants.