Growing in the closet

A question from a fellow grower;

I was thinking of just growing one plant in my wardrobe but not sure what is the best set up for it I want to get as much I can of one plant and I’m a beginner so not sure how it works to be honest so any advice is great

Hi, I have a couple of plants that I grew in my closet and came out fantastic. The seeds were the white widow and blueberry purchased from these guys. I used bloom boost led lights (around 120 dollars) each one available online. I used 3 of them and a 50 watt bulb. The leds use almost no electricity yet provided lots of light. I had one led light over each plant with the bulb centered in the middle above. The temperature inside averaged around 86 degrees constantly. I kept a small fan in there for circulation and gave them CO boost. I fertilized them once a week and used a good flowering fertilizer during the last stage of growth. I did try other led lights that were cheaper but they didn’t last or give the light these do. These ones have now been operating 20 on 4 off for over a year now and not one bulb has gone out. So money wise they have paid for themselves. My walls are white and I put a sheet of reflective sheeting on the door. They didn’t seem to need as much water as ones that I had tried over other types of lighting so make sure you have good drainage in whatever bucket you use. I did take over an ounce from each plant that I have grown this way. Last plant was about 2 ounces. But I only let those ones go 45 days before turning the lights back. Please note I raised mine in dirt buckets not with hydoponics. My personal preference. You didn’t say how big your wardrobe is. Mine is about 30 inches deep by 5 ft long. Hope that helps. Couldnt figure out how to add a pic or would have added a couple showing the nice buds my last plants were growing and my own little setup. .