Growing Gold Leaf and Strawberry Cough in one room. Got Hermies

A question from a fellow grower:

“I had 10 gold leaf’s flowering on one side of room, and 10 strawberry cough on the other side… my room condition I thought perfect, 75-78at all times, humidity correct, CO2 during light hours 1200ppm… 3 gal fab smart pots on the gold leaf’s, and I stayed small with 2 gal plastic pots on strawberry cough (I’m hoping that wasn’t the prob?)… somehow all plants hermaphed on me… extremely minor white fly issue (very few)… buds are really good and healthy… but loaded with seeds… what??? Could have happened??? Am I still supposed to sex the plants after ordering feminized seeds from you??? And did I miss a Male by chance??? Did I just create a new hybrid (lol) by having the two strains do that in the same room??? Love to chat with someone… on a good note my blackberrys that I put outdoors turned out beautifully… and my bananas and Maui’s are doing great out there as well… were I live you can flower outdoors 6 months a year… LIVE IT”

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The chance of getting a male in fem seeds is extremely rare, extremely.
Where is your air intake from? Did you suck in polen maybe from someone growing outside?

You should be able to still tell if you have a male because it won’t have any flowers on it.
Your pots are small and they are plastic, probably root bound and stressed them not good but I doubt it would herm them because I’ve seen people grow like that before.
Any seeds will be mostly herms so they are garbage basically or hold onto them and label them herms, woild want to plant a ton of them outside and then filter through them to find Wich ones arnt herms once they are in flower.

Your ppm is for co2?
Did you feed them a bunch of fertilizer and not flush them? Or run them really low/high ppm’s?
Seems strange really.

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Maybe check for an indicator light on a heater or ac unit / fan controller.
Check for light leaks too.
It only takes a couple nanners to go unnoticed to cause major issues. :v:


The only percentage I’ve heard, and I can’t remember the source, was 1/100. I filed that away because it doesn’t seem rare at all. In fact, it seems like we should still be very vigilant. Doesn’t sound like that happened here, so don’t want to suggest that’s what happened. But I thought I’d put the 1% stat out for general consideration.

Please encourage the customer to join the forum.

I would assess the light deprivation measures above all else. If the seed stock is ILGM, we know from anecdotal reports that hermaphroditism is rare. It sounds like the male flowers haven’t been seen yet, so I’d also want to identify which plant(s) drooped pollen.

How are you blocking light during the dark period?
How many plants have male flowers?
Are all your plants from ILGM?
You mentioned outdoor. Are you around outdoor plants sometimes?
Are you around ANY other grows in addition to this seeded crop?

Natural seeds aren’t the end of the world. You can still smoke the flowers, or make lovely hash. But you wanna know how this happened, or it might happen again.