Growing autoflowers outdoors this fall

I lost five beautiful White Widows over the last several months, I think because it was just too hot in my greenhouse.

I’m going to try some Autoflower White Widows in there this fall. ! These are about two weeks old.


Sorry for your loss it’s never good when a plant gives up but good luck with the autos have just started 3 my self :love_you_gesture::sunglasses:


They are almost 4 weeks now, and two seem to have started their flowering stage. They are so small!

I guess this is about six weeks.

It’s probably two late for these, but does low stress training change much in an outside grow?

A little amber, but not much else going on.

Amber pistils, not trichomes

One of them has purple edged leaves, which might be from nighttime lows in the forties. Or maybe it’s nutrients. There are some thrips, but otherwise they look pretty good.

Hoping to harvest within a few week.

This springs White Widow autos.

May 3rd and May 28th.

June 1st.

About 15 weeks old and doing a staggered harvest. I found a few caterpillars. Can you find it? Are there more?

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