Growing autoflower marijuana unstable environment

A question from a fellow grower:

Please: what’s the easiest way to grow AutofLowering seeds where
light and temperature and not stable and also the availability of most
nutrients are short coming …, I really wish you’ll help me out here

If the “unstable” temperature is between 80F and 60F they’ll be fine. Light doesn’t have to be “stable” but you do need to at least give them enough light to do their thing. Outdoors the light varies a lot. Indoors, the light needs to be stable and bright enough. I prefer a 16./8 or 18/6 light schedule, some prefer 24 hours of light.

Not sure what you mean by the nutrients are short coming. I use FoxFarm Ocean Forest soil and don’t add nutes until flowering. Then I add nutes at half strength.

I live in the desert and the temperature is changing,it was doing great for about 2weeks but now the temperature is dropping to low 40f. I see you said 80 to 60 is no problem, any thoughts will this stress them to much? I thought the temperature was going to stay a bit warmer. Not sure what to do. Plants are about 2 feet and have been in ground for about 2 1/2 weeks from inside.

Perhaps it would be a good idea to read our " Free Grow Bible".

If you attempt to grow in unstable conditions, and with inconsistent nutrient availability; You can temper your expectations for success, Sorry. Growing successfully, requires some amount of dedication, and cinsistency.

I have read it a few times :smile:. If that was for me. I do use nurts that I get from the local hydro shop. I use to do some growing back in my hippie days 70/80s.
Yes I should have got a name like old goat

Do Auto flowering strains work indoors in soil?

IMO; Auto flower genetics were created for quick stealth grows for Medical Marijuana patients; So, yes, Auto flowers thrive under 18-20 hours of light a day.