Grow Tents...What Ya' Got?

Having just experienced my first zipper malfunction, I started shopping for a new tent. Up to this point I’ve bought Vivosun. My 24"x24"x48" Vivosun tent is great. Zipper is smooth as silk and it’s doing it’s job admirably. Now my second Vivosun tent, the 24"x48"x60", just plain sucks. The zipper was bad right out of the box when I assembled it as it made a tearing sound as I put on the cover over 3/4 of the length. I thought it may smooth out over time…even though I knew if a plastic zipper is bad brand new, it’s bad forever…and that was the opposite of what happened. At this point the top lateral area is separating and coming apart right before the curve and I can only open it down the front & bottom. What a PITA to deal with. While Vivosun was slow out of the gate to help, Amazon stepped in and refunded my money in full and told me to keep the tent.

Now I’m zipper crazy as I read reviews. I read for hours about tents…and it seems that zipper failures are the norm. I had figured I would just spend the extra money and buy a Gorilla tent and all my problems would be solved…until I dug in deep about them. I’ve read about missing parts, bad stitching, tears right out of the box, along with the dreaded zipper failures. I’m open to any brand at this point.

So, I’m reaching out to one and all for opinions on the brand of tents you have and how they have performed for you…both good & bad. I’m tagging the folks that have helped me on my short journey and those who have great pics of their buds (some of you may have grow rooms, sorry) and encourage everyone who reads this post to keep tagging our fellow brothers & sisters to create a good, informative source for those who come behind us.

Let us know the brand, size, how long you’ve had it, how good the zipper is (LOL), and how it has treated you & your girls so far.

Thank you all in advance for your time & opinions…

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I have a 2x2 that I don’t use anymore. Mars hydro, a cool grows thats a 2in1, and a 4x4 that I don’t know the name brand of. Most tents aren’t actual size they advertise.


I have a couple vivosuns (2x4 and 2x2) that are both about 2 1/2 years old. No issues with them. I don’t use the 2x4 hardly at all but the 2x2 I’m in and out every day since purchase and no zipper issues yet.

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I’ve had my 3x3x7 Gorilla tents for less than a year but very happy with them. Great zippers, much better zippers than the Apollo tents they replaced, much better light proofing, thicker tent material also makes them more silent, and love the height at 7’ (8’ with extension) when most other 3x3 tents are only 6’.

Gorilla tents are not perfect, I’ve used a little duct tape here and there to eliminate tiny light leaks due to stitching and added some velcro to the zipper flaps to make them more light proof. That said, if I was buying another tent, I’d buy another Gorilla without hesitation, not perfect but still the best.

I also have a Topolite 2x2x4 for less than a year, everything seems fine with it but the zipper feels like it’s one bad yank away from destroying itself (that happened to the 2x2x3 it replaced) compared to the heavy duty Gorilla zippers.


My flower tent is a mars hydro 4x8. I got this one because it came with the same 1680D material gorilla grow tents use. It works great for my space because at lights off my room is already dark. There is a lot of pin holes in the stitching and the inside light blocking flaps for the zippers work okay. The price point was the draw for me because I didn’t want to pay the money for the gorilla grow tents. I just looked at the price. 231.99. That price has gone down quite a bit since I purchased mine. At that price I’d say it’s well worth the investment in black duct tape to fix the pin holes along the stitching. All in all I’m happy with my purchase.

My veg tent is a 32x32x60. It was a cheap one from Amazon. I think it’s a top grow. Paid about $70 for it.
The quality is excellent. There are zero pin hole leaks.


My tents are a Vivosun and another off brand in Colorado. Both have minor light leaks but they’re in a totally dark basement. I have another from G.A. Sun but haven’t used it yet.The zippers are very good .


I have a 36x36x72 Vivosun and i also have a 60x32x80 Vivosun. I have had nothing but good luck so far. Ill be watching to see what you decide.


Have you tried putting some Vaseline on the teeth? It helps


I grabbed a maxisun 4x4x80 from Amazon for 99 bucks. No light leaks. No problems with zipper. Zipper flaps sometimes don’t lay down right and there’s leak around the zipper but I just open it right back up, fix the flap, and zip her back up, no leak. Holds my heavy 500 watt light with no problem. Very sturdy material. I’d recommend one to anyone. Price has gone up since I got mine though. Think I got it when it was new to Amazon when they are fishing for good reviews at a cheap price point. Have been using it since July of this year.


Yeah, did soap and then Vaseline…nothing helped. The whole zipper was sewn in wrong. That’s what freaks me out about getting another Vivosun. The only thing that keeps them in play is that I have one and would just use the outer shell of the new one over the frame I already have. That way I don’t have to take the entire thing apart…lights, filter & fan, etc. But I don’t want to roll the dice on another $100 for the Vivosun when I can spend a little more and get the Gorilla. I’m hoping the members here help me make this decision.


Sounds like you’ve already answered your question. But, yeah, let the folks that have the experience make recommendations. I don’t use a tent, I have a grow room. And, tho I’m an old fart, still pretty new to growing with today’s technology! They all seem to be artists to me! I’ve read a LOT of their advice posts and learned bunches! And I say “THANK YOU ALL”


I have 2 of these and haven’t had any issues.
One is 2 years old and the other about 1 1/2 years old and they have been in operation the entire time and would buy from them again if needed.

I believe they have 2 different price points for many of the sizes they offer with the more expensive one having more features.


AC Infinity has come out with a line of grow tents at affordable price points, although they are mostly out of stock or still in development.

Never tried, but I sure like their fans.

I also have two Gorilla Grow tents, both less then a year old, no complaints.


Dont use a tent, I have a grow room with a Fluence SpydrX


I have purchased 3 things from Vivosun and had bad experiences with every one . I ordered a tent, 10 days after it was shipped I was refunded because it was lost/ damaged during shipping , a jewelers loupe which all the lenses fell out the first time I used it and a 4" inline fan which stopped working after a few days . I ended up getting a MarsHydro 2x4 tent and I love it . Great quality , no light leaks and zipper works great and heavy duty. I will need get anything from Vivosun again . Very happy with my MH tent

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Got a “HULK” from luma grow, zipper died after a year but I’ve Jerry rigged it, has a rip and I’m ready to replace it 4x2x6.5

Also got a 3x3x5 Bloom Grow 2-1, better quality zippers worse quality fabric but I’m. Happy with both of them in their own way, wish someone besides gorrila made a 3x3 in a tall size for some reason so many people don’t make smaller tents in tall size.

I’m wanting a 4x5x6, also a 2-1.
If I had my choice ide get two, and sell the 3x4 just because I. Understand my space better now.

A GA is same price as a viviosun so thinking about it but no money.
Only other option on Amazon in that size is a viperspectar or whatever, it’s like 50$ more… Dono if I want to pay more for the same tent. I Geuss I could order both and send one back lol.
I might just do that actually lol.


I run 3 tents and all are different brands. I have a 3x3 Vivosun also a 3x3 hydroplanet and a 5x5 spider farmer. I have no leaks or tears or zipper issues with any of them. The only thing I do before assembling a tent is completely unfold it and warm it up. I feel making sure the material get to all get to room temp helps the fibers stretch better. If it is luck I will take it. But I don’t think so. I help people set up as well and no tent issues other than a pin hole or two. Peace


Thank you! That looks awesome. I love the height of the 2x4…’Out of Stock’…:man_facepalming:t2: