Need Grow Tent Brand Recommendation

Got my grow tent yesterday, it’s a Plant House 4’x4’x73" from Growers House. I thought I did my research, but after setting it up, light leaks all over the place. Going to be looking at returning it. What brand do you guys recommend?

Personally it depends on the light leaks. All the tents are made in China. If there’s pin holes, I wouldn’t be too worried about it. As long as the tent is mostly dark, it’ll be okay. Just my opinion though.
The way I see it, a few brands are better than others, but all are mostly the same. Some have thicker materials than others.
Gorilla grow tents are expensive but do have a nicer quality to them. Mars hydro tents have been good for me. I personally don’t see the need for additional height past 6 feet.
Foil tape can repair the pin holes. And verifying the zippers have been covered the best you can works fine for me.


+1 for Gorilla Grow. They are more expensive, but they are pretty durable and I don’t have any light leaks at all.


All of the tents suck a little bit but it’s not an issue for me as far as hermie go. I would NOT use an Opulent Systems tent…their zippers suck. My Topolite tent has a nice zipper seam on it and it’s done me good. Gorilla tents are ridiculously expensive for a damn tent lol better zippers or not. A sheet of panda film is a good way to help the zipper light coming through.

@Covertgrower here are some quick pictures. The first three are the front of the tent. I third picture is the zipper, and the fourth one is the passive air intake on the bottom. There’s still plenty of other leaks, mostly the seams of the access ports, and the stitching along the perimeter of the tent.

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You could always buy a big sheet of panda film and just throw it over the tent like a tarp. I know that sounds janky but it would be a quick fix and a cheap one

Vivosun, Growzilla, Coolgrows. You might get light leaks from any of these, but not as much. Btw there’s special tape that can help you out with that

Think I may have solved the zipper issue. Went inside tent and noticed the flaps weren’t overlapping each other. I’ll go out and get some gorilla tape and wait till it gets dark in my basement and see what I can do. I’ll let you guys know how it goes.

@BeerGeekGamer I think it depends on who actually sews it up in the factory and who the quality control guy is on duty lol. I see varying results with most. I think it’s luck of the draw on some of it. Gorilla (mentioned above, most people’s favs, I have had nothing but trouble with and I wouldn’t use one if they gave that over priced shit away lol), Topolite and Vivosun are ok.
I use Opulent Systems tents only now. I’ve had 3 and never had a problem. Tents are hard because you get so many mixed reviews. Someone here used flex seal in a syringe and applied it on all the pinholes.

I run my tent door wide open and the door to the room is also wide open. I have never had any problems whatsoever. :+1:

I have a Vivosun and I put blackout curtains up. The only light visible is a little on the floor coming from inside the vent from a air vent I left open on purpose.

I’ve got four of these and nary a problem with one. I’m sure growershouse will do right by you if necessary.

I’ve got several ipower tents. Light leaks/pinholes galore and terrible zippers.
I’ve got 1 matrix tent. Same light leaks/pinholes, but the zippers are smooth as butter.

I contacted Growers House, and they offered to replace it, or if I felt comfortable making repairs, and giving me a discount.