Grow journal vol1

Unknown bag seed
Medium is Coco coir( Holland basics “the Coco” rinsed and buffered) I mixed 25L of the Coco with 7litres of worm castings added and mixed in a decent amount of perlite and added 3 tablespoons of Gia Green’s organic all purpose fertilizer per 1Gal of medium (comes out to about 25 tablespoons)
Using 5gal fabric grow bags my total mixed medium only came to 8.45gal so both bags are shy of 5 gal but north of 4
pH, PPM/TDS and EC unmeasurable
Indoor 4’x2’x5’ vivosun grow tent
400watt MH for lighting set 18’’ away
No way to measure heat or humidity
Only a 100cfm booster fan for exhaust with a passive intake and an oscillating fan moving air around inside the tent


LST’D both the main plants today


@fano_man switched to flower 6 days ago

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Your pretty underwstered… leaves should be sticking strait out like paper nice and flat and level not up not down level is true happiness sweet spot next time fill 80% of your screen by tucking and weaving before you flip them you will greatly increase your yeild… you want more leaves as well… any light hitting the floor of your tent is wasted light… defoliation is helpful once you have bud sites set… you wanna help the plant get through strech as happy as possible once the foundation is set around day 20 21 from flip usually strech is done and you can see what’s gonna he a contender shoot and what can be removed… usually bottom 1/3 I remove… and if lower branches aren’t over the 50% mark by day 21 they get cut off and energy directed up to the top where light is plebtiful

Yeah I took pics just before watering and just after LST I finally got all the big equipment I need so I just wanted to get these ones done and over with so I can get some good genetics in there I got some blueberry from Canuck seeds and some cheese seeds from a local company I wanted to try out (I live in Canada so I can’t get ilgm seeds) and honestly I might take the net down it’s pretty shit quality lol

I upgraded from a 100cfm booster fan to a 195 CFM inline fan 4", and I got a thermo/hygrometer it keeps around 25c and 49RH


ignore the middle one it’s getting pulled out and put back into veg to try and save it and grow it up for this year’s outdoor maybe

Did they perk up with some water?

@fano_man yeah they did I’m thinking next run I’m gonna do 8 about this size maybe a tad smaller and really fill it up in there

Probably gonna do all 8 of the same strain and pheno hunt for a mother plant to sog future grows

Smart man… up plant count lowers veg time to a full harvest… wanna really speed it up start cloning and use some kinda method like this… this is my invention of an actual “sog rack”

…there is no possible way to fill a 2x4 foot area to a full canopy as you can with this system… dosent have to be exactly like this but a sea of green is the fastest turn around rate with clones and a mother plant to host the clones

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I built 11 of em 8 in flower for a 10x 10 room and 3 in veg with a clone cart had the whole thing set up and was about to start getting weekly harvest of 3/4 to a whole pound ever 7 to 10 days… :slight_smile:

this clone cart and veg area also a 10x10 area… was a full time job I did 3 days a week and had some one intermittent watering … I did all cloning feeding defoling… built a pitched floor to self drain 192 plant in flower at all times and 50 in veg 1 week apart sets of 24 each rack represented a week… this was just before inwas full swing… and had to tear it all down…
You can see the pipes in action on the bottom of the flower room pics

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Also had 13 mothers of different strains

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Holy shit man looks effeciant as fuck whyd you have to tear down? And I’ve been reading one of your threads, you’ve come along way from that covert in your wall

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@Pedrogunz here’s my grow man

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Lol yea man gotta be adaptive in the bug city of an illegal state…
The bug operation was about 3 to 4 weeks away from my target weekly harvests… I was pushing
Over 7000 watts approx for 6 hours for 2500 watts aprox for 6 hrs and 4500 aprox watts for 6 and a lights out period for both rooms not exactly sure of wattage probably 1500 to 1800 watts… the 2 acs 2 4inch ducts 8 box fans running 24 7
Its was high spikes in electricity … I was aware of this… and was in the process of parting together a solar grid to completely supplement the grow plus 30% storage energy… so every 3 days I’m banking 10k potential watts+…so I can start rolling the electric backwards and supply the house as well to get off the grid asap… got a letter from florida power and light… lol I dont know how to take it I would pushed forward but the home owner got scared shitless… the letter stated… we have made several attempts to check you electricity meter to help avoid paying unnecessary charges to your utility bill please scheduel an appointment with a a meter tech. Umm no… I’ll pay it lol… home owner got cold feet…I wasent worried as there is 3 pad locks at 2 gates and 2 chains and 1 dead bolts before you
You even get to stand in front of the grow room… the electric panel OF COURSE was in the veg room… so he called me one after noon and said get up here tomorrow and get this shit outta here… or I’m taking it out back and burning it… LIKE HELL MOFOOO… he paid for a uhaul… and I proceeded to pack up the enture… well 85% of everything all 190 plants I had in flower veg and clones extra (50 clones)… and had to usher alllll of that shit into my house …I put them in a rolling trash can that would hold about 5 pipe pots without damaging much…(much more then got damaged on the 50 mile trip down to ft lauderdale from palm beach… after all that perseverance and converted a bunk bed into a giant support rack in my bed room… I started sleeping on the couch that day… and started doing laundry in the veg jungle… ( laundry room is now a veg room)…
Far from ideal… had a dog and a cat that wouldn’t stayboutt the room… and I kept doors open … ( I dont follow rules…) ppl be trippin about tiny single green leds to cause hermaphrodites in there plants …my self… I never grew a fem seed in my life… all regulars…no fems no autos …to me breeding programs that utilize feminized pollen ( forcing a female to go hermaphrodite through chemical treatment ) with colloidal silver or STS (silver trisulfate) to me that is instilling hermaphroditeism into the gene code …making it susceptible to stress causing herm… i NEVER grew in a tent i ALWAYS have light leaks…hell i dont even close my doors… and i have NEVER had a single herm… and only 6 males for that matter with over 130 140 seeds dropped and grown out fully… I think herm problem is greatly impacted with breeding process…so I stick with natural regular seeds… I drop 20 at a time and I choose the best contenders… that’s the best way to refine your end product… by all means I’m still learning every day… and this last move was not ideal to say the least… ultimately scraping a grinding to get this thing atleast to a suitable harvest or 5 … right after first chop I got a unbelievable infestation of spidermites… 8 monthes battling them while I was banned from this site I had like 0 help line how to combat them… it was me… spidermites…and google… oh yea and covid… it was a shit year… eventually I dragged em outside my self and burned everything… had to throw in the towel… got several pounds of mediocre weed and about a pound of good weed…best part about a bunch if bad weed…well not bad it was strong as hell just couldn’t get it to cure (you cant barley give it away)… kept having mold issues reling on ppl for help and they drop the ball… heart breaking… I know what not to do next time but that’s in the fyture… lately I been honing my diagnostic skills and troubleshooting by helping ppl here… it’s a good feeling to help someone who was once in my position get through a problem harvest that might not of succeeded with out the help…the gratitude and thankfulness of ppl I help and after succeed there tone and happiness is fulfilling to me… I got 3 lol plants barley a month old and I couldn’t be worrying about them less… conditions are screwed right now… had to leave my place …new it was comming but didn’t think it was gonna be this soon… so now I’m in a hotel between places with 3 plants in the window getting sun LMAO balls of steel… of well I dont wanna get rid of em… it’s my first auto and 2 regular northern afghani… I could foster them to my moms but …my luck the dog will rotem up…hate that dumb dog… either way sry… had a serious wake and bake session in the hotel this AM… I’m baked still sry to ramble

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@fano_man Fuck man I’m sorry that happened to you you sound like you got the right mindset you don’t need me to tell you you’ll get the grow going like it once was again but as a guy from the country I say getting out of that big city would do you wonders bro