Grow Journal number 2. Candy kush clones

This will be my second attempt to grow Candy Crush as my first crop got attacked by mold and rot. Found massive mold under the flooring of the grow room. Thankfully before the crop was attacked I was able to get three clones from them. So here they are and their Glory in the nice clean and sterilize grow room. In a few days they will go into 5 gallon felt containers.


Does this look like the beginning of a calcium / magnesium deficiency?

No, I don’t think so. Looks more like the beginning of nitrogen toxicity maybe.

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I can’t understand why it would be a nitrogen toxicity but I will make sure that I only get water the next couple rounds. I’m using Fox Farms nutrients which are very low in nitrogen and never feed them more than 500 parts per million with the pH 6 .2 my soil is Happy Frog.

Ah, well, there’s your problem. Lol, sorry.

Your Ph is a little low, might be low enough to cause nute lockout. You need to get it up to at least 6.3.

Okay so I did one more watering with my pH adjusted a little further north to 6.4 so to adjust. also I too 3 clones , one from each just for back ups.

A rather late update to gj#2. Starting we number 3 tomorrow so far everything looking okay. Started feeding with PK and Fox Farms Big Bloom, continue watering with 6.4 to 6.5 pH.1102181750b|690x388

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I am now at my wit’s end, one plant looks like the buds have Bud rot. I don’t know why or how has the relative humidity has been no higher than 50 and as low as 35. PH is always been 6.4

Is it sitting in water at the bottom have a check if so lift up and put something under so it don’t sit in it and drips out

No water at all and if there is after watering I always dump it. I be been very careful since I lost the last crop to mildew

How is air circulation? And exchange? N did u sterilize growing equipment?

Air circulation is good, ventilation is good also whatever it is it’s hereditary to the mother. So I’m letting the two that look better grow out to see what happens

Circulation is with a 12in oscillating fan and one 4 in ventilation fan I’m letting the two healthy ones grow out.


she’s getting sugary


Yup. Very nice! Pistils still white. Swelling still on

Yes sir they are nice and white. Just entering the 4th week and 4 more to go,

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Week 5


Now I completely different plant is showing the same signs of the buds or hairs dying off before the bud becomes large if anybody knows what’s going on let me know thank you.

I dont think they are dying. Looks like just progression. What kind of light and are ut temps again?

N how far along now?

600w led average temp 72 and humidity never goes higher than 60% average is 45% I’m stopping all nutes for now.