Grow Journal number 2. Candy kush clones

How far into flower? N dont stop them. Its not a nute burn

3rd week into flower. I’m convinced it’s got to be something I’m using because now two totally different species has the same problem. I have started adding PK and Big bud from Advanced Nutrients, along with fox Farms Big bloom

Hmmm @Niala @raustin do those pistils look funny to u?

Something looks wrong here, but I’m not sure what. Have you done a flush before feeding Bloom nutes?

since I’m using Fox Farms Happy Frog soil I didn’t need to give them anything until they were flowering. So basically they’ve been getting water up until 3 weeks ago

How far away is your light? And are you seeing any new white pistils?

I’m sure it’s not Bud rot because if I break open 1 it’s nice and green. The funny thing is is no matter what the age of these quote unquote dying buds the kind of smell like pine trees when you break them open maybe maybe not so Piney maybe Alfalfa smell LOL all I know is something is not right

As you can see in this picture the very top of the plant is very healthy with white hairs but as you see the buds down below they’re not so good. The lights are about 18 in or more from the plant if you look you can see some of the serrated edges pointing up also.

This branch is 6in lower on the plant than the first picture but yet at the same Heights from the light. And she’s healthy as can be

Dude i have no idea. Kinda weird. My outside plant did this. Pistils drew up wayyyy to soon. N looks kinda dried up. How often do u water? Think she maybe dehydrated?

I water every 2 to 3 days with enough water to get a little bit of runoff so I know they’re not dry and I’ve never had any droopy leaves. I am totally lost on this as nobody can figure it out.

I think your problem is the light isn’t penetrating the canopy, so the plants aren’t bulking up on pistils. I think, but let’s get another opinion from @garrigan62.

I thought about that too but they’re wide open to the light

It seems like the buds near the light are doing fine, that’s why I think that.

The slightly tacod leaves n my previous experience scream environment. Happend during warmer yet drier days with no rain. But if u watering good… n no lower leaf yellowing like she is hungry?

That’s what drives me nuts there isn’t a unhealthy leave on the plant. In the same goes for the species next to it. If it was midsummer and it happened I would think maybe it’s too hot but I’m looking at temps of 74 which isn’t hot at all.

Right. Im stumpd my guy.

I USE 400 thinking of going to 600 watt h. .p. s SIDE LIGHTS And that’s what I believe you need at this time

So you think it’s the lighting too? Thanks @garrigan62.

I know it is. Looking at the 2nd pic it has a nice top bud but the ones under it are in the shade thus no bud growth … well there is but it won’t be much but if he or she put some light down there the buds take off.
That’s what I have and do …. result is better yield