Grow journal #000001

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Looks like you’re off to a great start! I’ll follow along.

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Thanks man, I just switched to flower a week ago, learned alot from reading in here decided to finally throw my hat into the ring lol

We are happy to have you on board. Any grower is a tag away!

I’m wondering, are you starting with journal #000001 because you are planing on at least 100,000 grows and need to have plenty of digits in a data field?


Lol only 100,000? Nah I’m going to 999,999 lol

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So it gave me 24 hour time out after a few post yesterday, kinda gay but whatever…its been a crazy 24 hours tho, found mold in the soil of one of my plants, so I separated and proceeded to spray the top soil with white vinegar till it was decently moist, I didn’t figure it wld hurt since I know some ppl use it to adjust ph in there water, but she reacted very poorly

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this is her as of a few minutes ago…I never had to deal with mold b4 but I collapsed my grow down to a 2x2 I cld hide in my closet and luxuries like a fan were stored with my other stuff, but bet ur ass I dug through that stuff n got that joker put in there, I just cant zip it up now, however, I plan on flushing periodically for now, I’m hoping she recovers but I still got lots of bud from my last grow and still one big strong healthy plant in flower, but if anyone has any advice on how to deal with my present issue I’d very much like to save her

Only 999,999? What will happen when your great great grandchildren hit a million lol😁 but seriously those are fine looking girls but I guess they’re not handling the acidity very well 2.4 ph is pretty harsh on roots flushing will help for sure and then probably let it dry out more then usual

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Dude I know, so u think shell be ok? Fuckin up like this isnt something I normally do lol I swear

N really 4-6 per year is plenty for just me, so in hindsight we might lower that to #001 lol

Yea I bet she ll recover fine I’m guessing she just so droopy from overwatering from you trying to deal with the mold once she dries out she ll puff back up and it’s fine you have plenty of time to recover till harvest time

N to make it worse shes a week into flower…

Oh no, that droop is what alerted me to the problem this morning, I did the vinegar late last night n when I woke up I found her droopy