Grow journal #000001

Hmm did a quick search and apparently super off ph can cause leaf droop and twisting and dying (pretty much exactly what I’m seeing in your girl),didnt know that ,get her back to 6.3ish in a slurry test and I bet shell recover

What is your growing medium mate? That looks like a lot of mould around the roots? You really should be using black/ light restricting pots or bags. This is only my first run - but to me, light and moisture without air = trouble. Really hoping you can pull them back mate. :v: :sunglasses:

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It is alot n it had to grow fast bc I’m in there every night n they sleep through the day while I work

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N man, I wasn’t thinking about it bc I’ve never had any mold issues ever, so non of that entered into my mind

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But now that u point it out I do feel dumb lol

I really have no idea if they can be pulled back from there mate. Maybe one of the wiser and more knowledgeable heads on here would know. Possibly a flush and repot? Don’t know…
You really need to nail the basics at the start. Maybe @Covertgrower or @dbrn32 might have an insight or opinion. :+1: :sunglasses:

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Wasn’t the intention mate - it’s an easy trap to fall into.

Increase Air circulation and air exchange. Budz covered.

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new rule. never do something “someone else did” until you know why they did it, how they did it, and what the outcome was. i also nuked a plant. search bar on here is your new best friend. lol. happy growing


:open_mouth: :pensive: I hope they’ve recovered a bit at least, by now he’ll know.

Theory, the clear box planter had roots keep growing out to the edge putting more food for the mold right there and its mostly around the holes in the sides and along the bottom. Once it set in, the battle was on.

With no ventilation it wasn’t even a coins toss of a chance. I recommend you get a commercial grade mold killer and spray TF out your closet and whatever room it’s in, something with potassium chloride in it.

It’s sad man I feel your pain.

Yea I called it, the leaves r becoming brittle, to brittle to return to life I believe, but it’s ok, I have tons of weed from previous grows n still one plant thriving

2.3 ph is death for any plant in flower and I would never use plastic to plant in …just asking for trouble …spend the few bucks on ph up amd down or get urself a ppm reader and ph …u just cant grow without them …I would flush them with RO water if u can …drop some neem oil or hydrogen 3 percent to give them some oxygen about 1 part hydrogen 3 parts RO in it …and as for mold it doesn’t go away ever iv never seen it fully disappear without replanting and removing the damaged roots best bet at this point is to try to get new roots to take but that will only happen if ur ppm and ph is set …I’d sujest RO water flush check run off for ppm and ph and get that 6.8 and about 500 ppm …good luck on the girls and happy growing

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Oh man I super appreciate that advice but that one didnt make it, I’ll try to avoid mold altogether in the future, but shld the need arise that information is invaluable, we also need a moment of silence, my gf just BLEW UP on me a few minutes ago and started packing her things, so I pulled my last girl out n completely destroyed her n put her in a trash bag purposely in front of my now ex-gf to remove any urges to call the local authorities that she may have…it killed a peice of my soul to do it, but atleast I’ll be free to begin again in a few weeks…-plays taps-


Im so sorry to hear that man, no one should have to deal with that drama in their life best of luck on your next grow

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oh look what I got yesterday…:slight_smile:


And a dawning of a new era began :grin:

Tough break man. Spend $10-15 on some fabric pots. Those roots will get some air. Just my two cents. The light and water probably lead to that mold. Imho make sure you add some perlite to that FFOF to help with drainage.